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YouTube is the largest video hosting platform globally, producing enormous revenue, with more than 2 billion monthly users. As a result, it offers your business unparalleled access to a massive audience of targeted customers. Rank Top SEO can help you with the best YouTube SEO services to stay ahead of your competitors and get you access to potential customers.

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YouTube Keyword

Google and YouTube have just one thing in common: the search engine. However, the YouTube keyword research strategy is much different than that of Google and should be treated differently. Keywords are integral to search engine optimization and content optimization, but the strategy varies for YouTube. YouTube is a diverse search engine, and the search algorithm structure is highly different. However, With Rank Top SEO on your side, you are guaranteed the best YouTube SEO services by combining a list of keywords different from the one you use to rank on Google.


YouTube Channel

The thumbnail (video's cover photo) is crucial to get a better click-through rate (CTR). The CTR highly depends on what you choose as the video's thumbnail. So, it is significant to ensure that the thumbnail is sufficiently engaging and fascinating to entice a user to click on it. The SEO team at Rank Top SEO will ensure that your thumbnail picture is optimized and your YouTube cover, banner, and channel icon are all optimized.


Appropriate Video

Subsequently, YouTube provides the additional option to add relevant video tags (similar to Instagram and Twitter hashtags) that can assist users in finding your videos.

The YouTube experts at Rank Top SEO can optimize your YouTube video with tags that include keywords and phrases you are looking to rank for to make your YouTube channel and videos rank high.


Enhance Clicks & Generate More Leads with YouTube SEO Experts

Are your videos getting fewer engagements and results? Is the CTR of your YouTube page constantly decreasing? Are you concerned about taking your videos into business? Rank Top SEO has got this covered for you with YouTube SEO experts that can help your brand optimize your videos and make them a huge success. Now you can get more clicks, leads, and conversions from your videos with a perfect YouTube SEO strategy.

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Rank Top SEO Can Make Your Business & Videos Successful with YouTube SEO Services

Steps of YouTube SEO

Competitor Analysis

Humans are visual animals. You can attract them with appealing visual content. Users are always looking for the best videos, and they will be looking to go to the brand that has more visually appealing content. At Rank Top SEO, the analysts will evaluate your competitors to examine their performance, conduct thorough research on what they are doing well at, and detect the gaps and opportunities in content, including videos. 

Video Title Optimization

Title optimization for videos can make or break your YouTube SEO as it is an essential part of the YouTube SEO services. You would want the title to inspire users to view your video while also incorporating your target keyword. Therefore, video titles need to be optimized to make sure that they are both click-worthy and highly ranked.

Description Optimization

Video descriptions are equally important as your video titles and are the central part of YouTube SEO. Video descriptions entice 56% of the viewers to click on the videos. To make sure that the descriptions of your videos are highly engaging, the YouTube SEO experts at Rank Top SEO will optimize the description for your videos and your YouTube channel with targeted keywords and phrases and ensure that you get enough clicks with them. 

Analyzing Trending Opportunities

With 94.5% of OTT users watching YouTube more than any other video hosting and streaming platform, staying up-to-date with the top trends is an important YouTube SEO tip for the best YouTube SEO strategy. Rank Top SEO has professionals in the digital marketing field who can help you discover new ideas for videos that can match the latest trends and help you stay ahead of your competitors, with the help of YouTube keyword research tools, data metrics, and other Google trends.

Keyword Research Optimization

Users spend approximately 16 hours watching videos online every week. They have diverted their attention from reading and want to watch more than ever before. But where do they search all these videos from? Keywords are integral to search engine optimization and content optimization, but the strategy varies for YouTube.

It could be difficult for you to figure out how to do keyword research for YouTube. However, Rank Top SEO can help you increase the visibility of your YouTube channel and climb the ranks on YouTube with an effective YouTube Keyword Research strategy.

Video Tags Optimization

78% of the videos without tags go unnoticed on YouTube. When a video is posted on YouTube, you need to ensure that you give it a title and the targeted keyword that can make users click on it and watch it. The YouTube SEO specialists at Rank Top SEO will optimize the tags with keywords for all your video content so you can reach the targeted audience on the go. 

Community & Social Engagement

Most YouTube experts don't realize that their job is not done once the video has been posted. It is just as important to interact, socialize, engage, and connect with the targeted audience within your contributor list and with users who are clicking on your videos and watching them mark their interest in your products and services. As part of the YouTube SEO services, Rank Top SEO will work with your business to engage your potential audience on your YouTube platform.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Advertisements campaigns can help increase the revenue by 40%. In addition, you can benefit from YouTube advertising or other social media marketing services to direct the audience to your channel. Rank Top SEO's professional YouTube SEO services include all advertising and monetization types, from in-stream to discovery to bumpers. 

YouTube Audit

Is your YouTube channel set up appropriately? Are all the bases of search engine optimization covered? Well, only a YouTube SEO audit can answer these questions. The SEO experts at Rank Top SEO will examine each and every factor that is helping or hurting you. This can include SEO factors, video analytics, channel organization, brand consistency, etc.


Before you begin monetization for YouTube, you need some primary requirements that need to be taken into consideration. The major requirements for monetization include at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watch Time hours over the span of 12 months. At Rank Top SEO, the professional YouTube SEO team has got this covered for you and will help you set up an AdSense account along with the other prerequisites for monetization.

Benefits of YouTube SEO Optimization

With social media rising swiftly, video has become the most powerful and successful tool for marketing for various businesses. Like a live cricket match or an online concert, it is crucial to perform video SEO and YouTube SEO optimization to rank your marketing videos well on both search engines and YouTube.

1. Boost Traffic & Secure Higher Rankings

With more than two billion users watching videos on YouTube monthly, achieving top ranking on YouTube can be extremely valuable for your brand and business. With the rise of smartphones, users are now more interested in viewing videos than reading or writing. Videos can easily be shared with other users and can spread swiftly.

Like other video hosting and sharing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, sharing videos on YouTube can help you boost your channel. However, the video content needs to be optimized to help you boost traffic and YouTube ranking.

The YouTube SEO optimization will boost shares and views, ultimately leading to more traffic and lead conversion. In addition, your YouTube channel can be linked to your website, which can help promote your business and your video content.

2. Boost Brand Awareness and Build Online Presence

Boosting your YouTube channel and generating online traffic is only the first step. The search engine results page (SERP) ranking is equally important. Appropriately optimized videos with excellent content can build an online presence and create brand awareness across multiple social media platforms.

You can share your YouTube videos to other social media platforms to get a better click-through rate (CTR) and maintain a healthy online presence in front of a massive audience. Eventually, this will boost brand awareness and create an online presence that can later help convert potential customers into sales.

3. Increase Revenue

The job is still not done. First, your videos must only appear to the targeted audience to generate revenue. This can be achieved by optimizing the title and description of the videos following the targeted keywords, which can entice users to click on the video and watch it.

YouTube SEO Optimization Process

Approximately 74% of all the online traffic is attracted towards videos as videos have grown intensely and have gained acceptance with the audience. Therefore, YouTube SEO optimization is an important process to help you prosper in your marketing and advertising efforts. The process for YouTube SEO is:

  • Step Number 01: YouTube Keyword Research

The first step for YouTube SEO is video keyword research. The video keyword for YouTube will be different from those for other search engines. 

To find the keyword, populate a list of the ideas for the keywords. It would be best to make sure that the keywords are ranked higher and have a high search volume. It would be best to go to a prevalent video from your competitor and incorporate the same keywords to optimize your video better.

  • Step Number 02: Publish a High-Retention Video

Well, your videos will only rank if users keep watching them. The higher the Audience Retention rate (the amount of video watched by the users), the higher you will rank as the click-through rate (CTR) will be high. According to the Google algorithm, the Audience Retention rate is the most important factor in ranking.

  • Step Number 3: YouTube Video Optimization

With the artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizing, YouTube now offers automatic translation and transcription in more than 12 languages. Therefore, if YouTube's AI detects your targeted keyword in your video, it will better understand what the video is about and optimize it for the relevant keyword. As a result, the users can find that video quickly.

  • Step Number 4: Promote Your Video

Promoting your video is as important as any other step of the optimization process. The higher the views, the higher you can convert the leads to sales. Therefore, it would be best if you mention your video on social question and answers platforms like Quora to get maximum viewers on your videos.

YouTube SEO Tips

An important constituent to YouTube SEO is to harness the influence of the text of your video in the form of transcriptions, subtitles, and closed captions. At this point, it is also vital to emphasize using high-volume relevant keywords across your YouTube videos that can help you increase your click-through rate (CTR) and search engine results page (SERP). First, however, you need to:

  • Optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions

  • Add subtitles and closed captions to videos using VTT or SRT File

  • Add additional Cards to promote other videos relevant to your subject

  • Utilize high search volume target keywords in an ordinary way

  • Categorize your video in the most relevant category

  • Choose an engaging and enticing thumbnail for your video that can attract users.

In addition, it would be best if you include keywords in the areas mentioned below to increase your opportunity at ranking on the top:

  • Title

  • Call to action

  • Thumbnails

  • Translations

  • Description

  • Transcripts

  • Tags

  • Links

However, you also need to analyze and reflect on the below-mentioned points:

  • How many minutes or hours does an average user spend watching your videos?

  • What is the audience retention rate of your videos?

  • Do your users bounce from the video page, or do they click on the CTA and visit the mentioned page?

  • What are the geographical location and other demographics of your users?

  • Does your video title, description, meta title, and meta description match the targeted audience's query?

  • Are your videos solving customer pain points and problems?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keywords are integral to search engine optimization and content optimization, but the strategy varies for YouTube. Below mentioned are a few methods to research keywords associated with your subject:

  • Use the autocomplete feature in YouTube to find the relevant keyword

  • Locate several keywords from other videos in your forte

  • Use different keyword planners and research tools

  • Use YouTube keyword research tools

There are some simple steps to SEO optimize your YouTube videos. These steps, if followed accurately, can achieve higher rankings and generate leads. These steps include:

  • Conduct thorough keyword research

  • Select keywords with high search volume and good reach potential

  • Create an engaging video title (Include keyword in the title)

  • Add relevant tags to the video (Include keyword in the tags)

  • Write clever descriptions that can entice users to click (Include keywords in description)

  • Select a suitable and engaging thumbnail

  • Manage the file name (Add alt texts)

  • Generate transcriptions and closed captions for the videos (Possibly in multiple languages)

  • Make longer videos (More than 5 minutes at least)

Is your YouTube channel set up appropriately? Are all the bases of search engine optimization covered? Well, only a YouTube SEO audit can answer these questions. Here are a few ways to audit YouTube SEO:

  • Analyze Your KPI Performance

  • Analyze the audience retention rate on your videos

  • Analyze the click-through rate (CTR)

  • Make Updates

  • Update and optimize your video descriptions

  • Optimize CTA's

  • Analyze the conversion rate

Before you begin monetization for YouTube, you need some primary requirements that need to be taken into consideration. To monetize your videos and YouTube channel, you are required to have:

  • A Watch Time of at least 4,000 hours in the last twelve months

  • At least 1,000 contributors and subscribers in the last twelve months

  • Have a fully functional Google AdSense account set up

  • Comply with all the YouTube guidelines and policies for monetization

Once you meet the conditions mentioned above, you need to fill out the form for the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your video content. Then, your channel will be swotted and reviewed by YouTube, and if eligible, you will be granted access for monetization.