Great Ways to Get Backlinks to your website: The Top Link Building Strategy

Great Ways to Get Backlinks to your website: The Top Link Building Strategy

Search Engine Optimization strategies are evolving with each passing year. Despite the SEO evolution, experts are still latching on to one conventional aspect of optimization – SEO backlinks.

Before we get into the strategies, let’s get a few things out of the way, shall we?

What Are Backlinks?

(Hint: We started this article with a backlink to Forbes)

In the simplest of terms, backlinks are links to your website, from an external site. In our case, we provided Forbes a backlink at the start of this article. Similarly, if an article on Forbes mentions your business and provides a link to your website; that is one backlink from Forbes to you.

Avoiding black hat optimization

Although backlinks are still an excellent way of seo marketing, you need to be wary of a lot of black hat tactics. Google continues to evolve its algorithms. This means you can no longer pay a website to insert a backlink as it will negatively impact your search engine rankings

Today, Google only considers SEO backlinks that come from authoritative domains, and are genuine.

What are high-quality backlinks?

It is important to understand that Google strives for quality content. Anything that offers value to the reader will be pushed higher on SERPs as opposed to content that is pushed to popularity. If you write truly captivating, authoritative, and valuable content for readers, you are bound to get SEO backlinks from other websites, which is increasing the authority of your domain, as well as the traffic on your website.

Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks

Now, that you have a brief idea of what backlinks are and how they work, here are two of the best strategies used by leading link building services in 2022, and the right way to execute them for the best results.

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#1 Creative Content

There is no better way of getting authoritative white-hat SEO backlinks than creating high-quality content. The key is to develop blogs and articles that offer value to the reader. Whether it is a how-to piece about using your product, or solving a pain-point of the industry, giving the best and most unique solutions will grab attention the internet’s attention.

The question is, what is high-quality content composed of?

● The following are a few things you would need to bear in mind while writing:

● Search Engine Optimization with naturally inserted keywords

● Addressing a pain point with a constructive solution

How to Creating Unique Content

The internet is full of generic solutions, you have to find a way to stand out. Users don’t want to read the same old answers paraphrased differently – they demand exclusivity. You need to develop a table of content that gives readers something extra – something they won’t find anywhere else on the internet. It is why writing top-quality value-adding content demands a great deal of research and an ample amount of time.

We will reiterate the point that Google wants to provide value to its readers. Before you begin to write your piece, take some time to think about how your blog or article is different from the countless others on the internet? Do your keyword research (what phrases your audience is using to find solutions in your industry), keep it simple and easily understandable, and start with a 1500-2000 word authoritative article.

How Does This Help In Getting Backlinks?

It’s simple. If your content provides unique value to the internet, you are likelier to get a mention on authoritative websites. You can also add external links to your content to increase its authority. This exchange, especially with top-ranking domains, will increase your page’s authority, allowing you to benefit from your simple, yet effective link-building technique.

An example to sum it all up: If you provide link building services to clients, and you have an exclusive take on a particular white-hat SEO backlinks strategy, you may get a mention in an article that talks about link-building strategies on websites like Forbes or Moz Blog, which will drive immense amounts of traffic to your page.

#2 Keep Your Eye on the News and PRs

Another smart way to get backlinks is to keep an eye out for what’s happening in your industry. For instance, if you operate in the digital marketing realm, you can follow Google’s algorithm updates, and as soon as one comes out, you write your take on it.

Google’s updates are followed by millions of SEO experts across the globe, and being the first (well, second) to talk about the new update will enable your page to rank higher on the first SERP, gathering immense traffic from readers who want to know more about that particular update.

How to Benefit From News and PRs

Start looking for local news within your industry as it is expected to catch the attention of a local audience far quicker. Furthermore, since news spreads swiftly in a local city or town, being swift in capturing the story can benefit you in two ways:

● You will be able to catch the attention of the local audience

● Provided you did a good job the first time, readers will prefer seeking future news through your blog.

How Does This Help In Getting Backlinks?

Once you become an authority in delivering swift updates, other websites will start providing you backlinks to improve the authority of their own domains. In turn, you will witness more traffic routed towards your blog through external sources.

Here is an example to sum it all up: For better comprehension, think of breaking news within your city: the newscasters rush to cover the story. Whoever does a good job covering the story (in terms of timely delivery and quality of coverage), will win the audience’s attention for good. The same is the case with content – whoever covers it best in time, will grab the audience’s attention.

In a Nutshell

Creating white-hat SEO backlinks is a tedious and time-consuming practice, but once you establish your domain’s authority, the results to terrific!

You can study this article for SEO backlinks. We have created multiple backlinks to various notable websites in pursuit of improving the authority of our link building services domain.

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