Terms & Conditions

Revision Policy

We give an update on the service package you chose. Clients can approach us for the agreed-upon free corrections and we will update their plan with no extra charges given that the plan and idea continue as before. Correction Turnaround Time would be 48 hours.”

Refund Policy

Regardless, any saved assets for a venture will not be liable to discount after conveyance if the underlying plan ideas are endorsed, or a change is mentioned except if RankTopSEO drops or ends your Contract for an explanation other than your breach or non-execution.

All refund requests will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

  • If refund request is made before the conveyance of plan ideas initiation, at that point you would qualify for Full Refund (less 10% service & processing fee).

  • In the event that demand for refund is made in 48 hours, you would be qualified for 66% refund (less 10% service & processing fee).

  • In the event that refund demand is made between 48-96 hours of the underlying plan conveyance, you would be qualified 33% refund (less 10% service & processing fee).

  • No refund solicitation will be engaged following 96 hours of your underlying plan conveyance; anyway, since we have faith in 100% client satisfaction, you're urged to reach us in the event of any worry.

  • No refund solicitation will be engaged in the event that you have not made any move on your request for 30 days in the wake of submitting your request. However, if you need to reactivate your plan request, you will be charged a specific expense contingent upon your task.

  • No refund solicitations will be engaged after the delivery has been done.

  • Clients cannot cancel our SEO services in the middle of the month for that month’s service. No refunds will be made for that current month’s SEO service charges. Client can cancel the SEO service at the beginning of the next month with prior notice.

  • All refund claims shall be imparted to the support division. RankTopSEO, in view of the infringement of your client agreement reserves the right to approve or disapprove your appeal on an individual case to case premise.

  • For RankTopSEO / Custom service package, refund will be relevantly equivalent to it is on the single service package.

  • A refund appeal should have a substantial explanation which must be qualified against the plan brief and client criticism for amendments. Except if an idea has not been planned according to the brief, a refund won't be given, however further modifications will be given until complete fulfillment.

How to claim your refund

To guarantee your refund demand is endorsed, it would be ideal if you ensure you meet the accompanying prerequisites.

Reach us through:

(786) 652-9123


We will attempt to determine your worry by goodness of our updated policy promptly or probably will email you a refund claim endorsement from our refund department.

Customer Support

We offer 24-Hour Customer Support to address your inquiries and concerns. You can reach us any time and we assure to respond timely.

Communication Policy

You concur that RankTopSEO is not accountable for any correspondence from email address (es) other than the ones followed by our own domain i.e. "..@ranktopseo.com". Furthermore, should the client receive any claims under our brand name from an email address or any other medium that is not on our domain or website, it is their sole responsibility to inform us immediately. RankTopSEO would not be responsible in case of any misplacement or misuse of the shared information in the aforementioned circumstance.

Access to Information

To get to RankTopSEO services you might be approached to give certain enrollment details or other data. By giving consents to these terms and conditions, you therefore recognize that all the data provided by you will be right, current, and complete. In the event that RankTopSEO considers that the data that you have given isn't right, current, or complete, RankTopSEO has the option to deny your admittance to any services or any of its resources, and to end or suspend your record whenever.

Furthermore, RankTopSEO should also be consented to use the provided information for various marketing purposes by our Company and our related brands.


The Company will help the Client with the coordination of 3rd party plugins and APIs however any 3rd party combination needed to help with the usefulness of the site will be STRICTLY standard. The Company won't have anything to do with 3rd party dealings during the advancement of this project. All extra work will require a different fee arrangement. The Company will also not be responsible in case of any delays caused by any 3rd party such as Google’s services, Hosting service providers, AWS, Google Playstore, App Store, etc.