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We have a team of highly professional real estate SEO experts who know exactly how to curate the best SEO strategies and get them implemented. They are dedicated professionals aimed at helping real estate agencies connect with their maximum potential leads and convert them into high-paying clients. Hire our services today and get on the journey of capturing the utmost quality leads!

What Is Real Estate SEO? And How Can It Help My Real Estate Business Grow?

Statistics suggest that an estimated 80% of the total population that intends to buy or sell property is likely to search for it on Google before they move forward. If your real estate website has been fully optimized using the essential search terms and keyword phrases that an intended buyer or seller is to use, your real estate company could land great search rankings on Google.

Who does not want their customers to find them this quick, huh? Of course, you do!

Because not just most of your potential customers wouldn’t bother looking at the second or third pages of the search outcomes, but most of them are likely to go for the first one appearing in front of them. That is because customers today have faith in search engine rankings and prefer opting for the services ranked top by the search engines for they are likely to be most reliable and authentic.

Now that you understand what real estate SEO is, it’s time to look at some amazing statistics showcasing how SEO could help your real estate business grow!

Top Keywords

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  • Real estate agencies near me
  • Real estate investing
  • Homes for sale by owner
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  • Commercial real estate
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  • Largest real estate companies in usa
  • An estimated 68% of the real estate consumer experiences begin with an online search engine, such as Google.
  • An estimated 53.3% of the total web traffic generates from organic searches.
  • The top-ranking websites are likely to get the most search traffic, 49% of the time.
  • An estimated 39% of the total consumers claim that they are influenced by a related search.
  • An estimated 76% of the total people doing a local search via smartphones have been reported to end up visiting a local store.
  • An estimated 52.3% of the total web traffic is said to come from mobile devices.

Now you know how much of a role does SEO play in helping your real estate business grow? That’s exactly why you shall always prefer to implement the righteous SEO strategies on your real estate websites – that an expert could do the best.

Search engine optimization is the screw and nail that puts your entire real estate marketing together. Don’t let that fall by neglecting the real part and get started with our incredibly professional real estate SEO services today! As you work with us, Rank Top SEO assigns you highly talented, skilled and professionally trained SEO experts who know exactly how to curate the best SEO strategy for your business and get that implemented without hassle.

All you have to do is just fill out a brief form with your basic business background and the type of services you require, the rest is on us. Additionally, we provide free SEO consultation in case you’re unsure about where your real estate agency stands and what it needs to grow in an upward direction.

So hire the utmost professional real estate SEO experts with Rank Top SEO and get onboard to the journey of uplifting your brand’s online visibility like never before!


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Does SEO for Real Estate Really Work?

Where do people usually go when they need fast information in today’s world?

They search for it online, don’t they?

They reach up to Google, don’t they?

Now think of a world where your real estate business comes up first whenever a buyer or seller makes a relevant search online. Every time a potential property buyer or seller goes for an online search and types relevant search terms and keyword phrases on Google, your business appears first. Wouldn’t all the potential quality customers be landing on your real estate? Well, at least most of them would. This maximization of potential leads can make a huge difference to your estimated conversion rates and the total profits and revenues you’ve been expecting in an annual plan. You could be doubling the conversions and excelling at your primary goals!

Sounds interesting, huh?

Well, you can get that all by just choosing the right real estate SEO service which could give you incredible strategy and knows the tips and tactics of getting that strategy implemented without hassle.

Unsure about the miracles SEO could do for your real estate website?

Most of our clients and related companies claim to have attained three times more than usual outcomes by just solely relying on some incredible SEO tactics.

Here’s the list of some incredible SEO tactics we employ at Rank Top SEO to get your real estate websites on the top!

On-Page Real Estate Website Optimization

On-page website optimization is an incredible tactic to drive quality traffic. At Rank Top SEO, we have all the top industry experts onboarded who know exactly how to get your real estate website optimized using the utmost competitive keywords and drive quality traffic. Hire our real estate services today and get ready to capture the most qualified leads without hassle!

SEO Keyword Strategy

To help optimize your real estate website, our SEO professionals curate the best SEO keyword strategy. It involves researching for the most competitive, high volume, and less expensive keywords that could best drive traffic to your website and that too in a limited budget. Our real estate SEO experts use the best tools and techniques to determine keywords for your business and recommend ways to use them efficiently at the same time.

Link Building

Link building, a part of the off-page SEO strategy, is what strengthens our website quality and helps driving qualified leads towards your business. We have all the best SEO professionals specialized in quality link-building tactics who know exactly how to get your website to connect with the most popular websites in the real estate industry to showcase your reliability in front of a massive audience.

Local Citations

Local citations, another part of the off-page SEO strategy, is a means of maximizing your business’ visibility in front of the potential audience. Our real estate SEO professionals know exactly what business directories, locally popular websites, and top industry websites could be best to submit your real estate business citations and do that in an incredibly professional manner.

Real Estate Competitors’ Strategy

The best real estate SEO experts at Rank Top SEO not only help to optimize your website but also take care of your competitor’s strategy. We make sure to help you rank on the keywords that your competitors might be trying for and always provide you backups to get the highest possible ranking.

Analytics Monitoring

Alongside implementing all the rightful SEO tactics, the Rank Top SEO experts also continue to monitor the analytics – ensuring that your website gets the maximum yet quality traffic in a longer run. In case of finding any downfalls, we make sure to lift your website by fulfilling the determined loopholes and fighting all obstacles.

SEO Success Stories


SEO Case Study: From 253,300 to 569,710 monthly organic traffic in 24 months

  • Increase in organic Traffic of Automobile Industry with a 55% of change in 2 years

  • Generated 91.66 % of leads with successful Goal Completions

  • Ranked 200+ high volume keywords

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  • 40+ informative blog post

  • 200+ unique page views

  • 100+ backlinks

  • Ranked 50+ high volume keywords

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How Is Doing SEO for A Real Estate Company Beneficial?

SEO for a Real Estate Company is highly beneficial. Here’s the list of benefits you could avail yourself by hiring Rank Top SEO as your professional partner!

Higher SEO Ranks –

Optimizing your website for the keywords that are most likely to be searched by the customers looking for a similar service or product you offer could help you attain higher SEO ranks. By hiring SEO for real Estate Company services with Rank Top SEO, you could outrank your competitors and reach the top position on the search engine results page. We have SEO experts who are passionate about getting your website optimized, specifically, the landing pages and the home page, using high-competition keyword phrases to massively improve your search rankings. The on-page optimization tactics we incur involve updating the title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, and alt tags of your web pages so that you could gran the most qualified leads.

Quality-Driven Traffic –

A rightly curated, strong SEO Real Estate SEO strategy possesses the potential to drive quality traffic towards your website. Additionally, leveraging local SEO strategies could even land your customers in search of nearby real estate services – driving traffic not just to the website but to your physical existence at the same time. Rank Top SEO assists you in optimizing your Google My Business page and ensures that it appears on all local searches as well as the Google Maps search.

Bring your business to the top of local searches by hiring our exceptional real estate SEO services today and drive utmost quality traffic to both your website and physical existence!

Increased Potential Clients –

What do you get as you reach higher SEO ranking and quality-driven traffic to your website? More leads, undoubtedly. Implementing the right SEO tactics could help you attain maximum quality leads and convert them into potential clients at the same time.

Most people in today’s world possess faith in Google recommendations and are most likely to trust the top search results appearing on Google. So the higher your real estate business would be ranked, the bigger will be the chance for maximizing conversions and revenue. Rank Top SEO specializes in curating the best incredible SEO strategies which could push your ranks higher like never before and showcase your business as real, authentic, and reliable in front of most potential clients.

Longevity –

When it comes to outranking competitors, the only way is to pay for ads and you could only expect a good conversion rate until the time you pay. No more paying, no more conversions. Whereas, search engine optimization is a long-term digital strategy where you could outrank your competitors in a less budget and that too for a longer period of time. With SEO, you do not have to pay continuously for the ads so that your website remains on top, instead; you just have to invest one time and implement a top-notch SEO strategy that could get your website to the top of the search engine results for the maximum period of time.

Rank Top SEO has onboarded experts who specialize in curating such SEO strategies – optimizing your real estate website with the high competition search terms and keyword phrases, strengthening the quality of your website by link building, and maximizing your online visibility by submitting business citations to the potential directories and websites.

How Long Does It Take For The
Real Estate SEO To Show The Best Results?

While most search engine optimization strategies are different from each other, an ideal among them could take an estimated six months to show promising results. Unlike other tactics, such as, advertising, pay-per-click, SEO takes longer to showcase outcomes because there are multiple different factors on which it depends. Web page optimization, link building, and rightful keyword incorporation being the topmost SEO factors, there are many more on which the ranking of your website depends and so, it takes a little longer to get your website on top of the search results.

In today’s world, most people seek immediate gratification. The same is the case with businesses investing in SEO campaigns. As soon as they invest in a rightful SEO strategy, they become eager to know when the campaign would show results. A lot of them ask for immediate outcomes and thence, stop investing when they get to see no results in the beginning.

Well, that’s a mistake undoubtedly.

With SEO, you’ve to wait. Your website cannot jump to the top of search engines the very day you’ve started investing in SEO. You are not going to drive all the quality traffic to your website the same day you’ve had it optimized with competitive keywords. Your revenue is not going to maximize the very moment you’ve implemented the SEO strategy.

Instead, you’ve to have patience when working with SEO. Wait for at least six months before you expect to see the outcomes of your strategy. Thence, Rank Top SEO provides real estate SEO services that could assure you that the outcomes you see post six months of your investment would be worth the wait. Also, the outcomes of an SEO strategy aren’t just limited to your website’s ranking; there is more to it than that. The rightfully curated and executed SEO strategies are the one which could get your business ranked for keywords attracting higher volumes of leads and sales.

Wondering why does SEO take so much time in bringing outcomes?

We can help you clear the doubts. Because SEO has been categorized into multiple different areas of significance, it takes Google some time to determine if your website has implemented the right SEO protocols. They include –

  • The search intent your web pages are catering to;

  • The relevancy of your page to the user’s search terms;

  • The reliability and authenticity of the information appearing on your web pages;

  • If your keywords have been used in legitimate contexts and not deliberately infused;

  • The time it takes for your web page in loading;

  • The number of backlinks your web pages hold;

All these factors play an integral role in getting your website ranked to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Thence, Google has to crawl through your web pages and index your content in order to rank your website – meaning your website's navigation and the content you upload to be the primary most factors in upgrading your SEO rankings.

The ROI You Can Get with
Real Estate SEO

Most marketers presume rankings to be a primary factor in determining SEO results, but that is far from what role ROI calculation plays here. There is a bulk of keywords available for which your real estate business could rank towards the top of Google search results, yet receive no penny from them. To look at the wider picture of ROI, marketers shall also put together the traffic, conversions, and the top-of-the-funnel contribution of the prospective customer’s path towards conversion.

You could rank as number-one with a keyword, suppose X, that drives an estimated 1,000 visits and 30 downstream conversions in monthly traffic, or you could rank as number-seven with a keyword, suppose Y, that drives 10,000 visits and 300 downstream conversions as monthly traffic – which of these would you choose using an ROI perspective, huh?

A higher rank in the search results or improved traffic and conversion for your website? The latter undoubtedly.

Rank Top SEO helps to implement real estate SEO strategies that have been curated in alignment with the ROI perspective and ensure that your business draws maximum ROI each time. We have the top industry real estate SEO experts who know exactly how to curate the best SEO strategies – all focused on bringing the maximum leads for your website and not just aimed at uplifting your SEO ranking.

Hire the best services from a top real estate SEO Company and get onboard to the journey or driving quality traffic towards your website and earning maximum revenue in the longer run.

Here’s How We Help Maximizing Your ROI with Real Estate SEO!

Rank Top SEO is a leading real estate SEO company – providing the best services to each of its clients. A few of the many great SEO tactics we perform to maximize your ROI includes the following –

Google My Business (GMB) & Local SEO –

We have real estate SEO professionals in our team who get your business listed in the local search and creates the utmost incredible Google My Business page for your brand. We make sure that your GMB page is fully optimized and could best drive quality traffic towards your website.

On-Page SEO Optimization –

Once your business has been listed in the local search and your GMB page is ready and optimized, we move forward with the on-page optimization of your website. The professionals at Rank Top SEO put in their maximum effort and do their best in curating highly optimized, title tags, meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags which could best optimize your website and drive quality traffic towards your business.

Website Content Development –

Once the on-page optimization has been accomplished, we move forward with the process of website content development. In the process, we ensure integrating all the high competition, high volume, and low-cost keywords in the content – aligning that with all the significant guidelines of SEO. We make sure that your website content has been developed in perfect consideration of the Google algorithms – as they’ve been recently updated.

Optimal User Experience –

Now that your website has been fully optimized from content to the on-page essentials, it’s time to ensure that it offers an optimal user experience. The experts at Rank Top SEO ensure that your website offers a mobile-friendly user experience with an optimal site speed, optimized contact forms, and a negligible number of 404 errors.

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Why Rank Top SEO for Your
Real Estate Growth?

Wondering why you should hire Rank Top SEO for your real estate growth? Well, we are the best SEO Company for real estate having extensive expertise in the realm.

Here’s the list of factors why you should choose Rank top SEO to bring your brand to incredible heights!

Total Solution Platform –

We are a total solution platform offering the best real estate SEO services for all. From basic keyword research and optimized content development to quality link building and citations, we have experts in each niche to help your business attain the highest possible ranking. We not only help you capture potential leads via organic traffic but also know where to bring in the tactics of paid ads, social media, and email marketing – we do everything that might be required to bring your business to incredible heights – maximizing your sales and revenues.

Get in touch with one of the customer service agents and get a free consultation from our real estate SEO specialists today!

Top-Notch Industry Experience –

You must already know how crucial it is to get your real estate website search engine optimized. Now the key is to find yourself the best real estate SEO company. Which could be a better company than Rank Top SEO who’s been serving the real estate industry for an extensive period of time. We have helped a great number of real estate agencies get their business to the top and know exactly what is required to bring your website to the top of the search engine results page (SERPs) and that too while using adequate keywords.

Hire us today and get onboard to the journey of driving most traffic towards your website!

Specialists Onboard –

When you work with Rank top SEO, you get a fully devoted team of real estate SEO specialists devoted to building and executing a foolproof SEO strategy for your business. We have all the top industry experts in our team who know exactly how to best integrate keywords, optimize your website, bring quality links and spread business citations for your brand. They specialize in bringing real estate brands to the forefront of the market and maximizing their sales and revenues like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization is not just limited to a few businesses. However, it targets every market in the world. In the same way, Real Estate SEO works in a way by generating the traffic who wants to buy and sell houses on your website. They used techniques and keywords so that your real estate SEO business could get a good ranking on google. In addition, it adds a great push to that business.

The real estate business has been running successfully for years. Thousands of houses are sold and bought within the limit of 24 hours. However, if the realtors were able to target a specific audience through their web, it would give it a great boost. It will attract an organic audience to the site and allow the business to shine further. In short, SEO is good in so many ways for realtors.

Can you run a business and nourish it further without the use of SEO? In the same way, the real estate business can also not touch the new fortunes without availing of SEO services. Not only will it boost your business, but it will allow it to grow more and get robust. In fact, it is not just essential for your real estate business but also quite elementary, and without it, your business won’t be able to thrive and compete with rivals.

Undoubtedly YES! That is the only purpose of the SEO services to gather the desired traffic to your real estate webs through engaging content and the utilization of proper keywords. It will not just give you a good ranking for your real estate business but also help you gain more leads and sales for your websites. This way, you will unlock new chains of success for your real estate business.

Real estate SEO services are not very costly. The packages we have are quite pocket friendly. Another good thing about our real estate SEO services is that we have many packages available from which you can choose. These packages vary in terms of the services and functionalities provided and the duration you would need the services for. So, without spending a lot, you can easily get your real estate web optimized by experts.

SEO services for real estate companies are filled with advantages for them. Not only does it helps in getting them leads and sales, but it also offers a comprehensive list of services that are equally vital for the business. The SEO services for real estate companies include generating unique content, link-building strategies, and architectural factors, and it also focuses on HTML coding. In addition, it is inclined towards connecting the customers with their clients.