10 Easy Plastic Surgeon SEO Tips to Increase Your Practice

10 Easy Plastic Surgeon SEO Tips to Increase Your Practice

The practices regarding plastic surgery SEO or plastic surgeon SEO are increasing day by day, as the world is immensely accepting the tagline "looking your best." However, it means that the competition in the industry is proportionally increasing. This increase means that it is becoming more challenging to generate leads to attract new clientele. 

Here lies an important question. How can you participate in this huge competition by your impactful share of leads and transforming them into your patients? The answer is that, before jumping into this competition, you must be a master in plastic surgery SEO.

What Is Plastic Surgeon SEO?

Plastic Surgeon SEO is a powerful digital marketing instrument that can help plastic surgeons highlight their existence in the online world. The more online presence you have, the more chances to attract new patients, derive double revenue and have a strong relationship with old clients.

SEO is the process of optimizing websites and pages to improve the ranking on search engine result pages. Irrespective of the industry, SEO is an integral part of any marketing strategy. SEO for plastic surgeons is essentially the steps taken by a surgeon or an SEO marketing agency to increase the reach of their practice for their intended audience.

The goal of any plastic surgery SEO service is to develop, optimize and implement techniques that ensure that your website or page is aligned to the standards set by Google. When done right, your medical practice will appear in the top ranks of a search engine result page for someone looking for services similar to yours.

Google has high algorithms and high techs, which are there to answer people in no seconds for whatever they are trying to search. It is why Google has beaten all other search engines like Bing and Yahoo and got the title "be-all-and-end-all."

When you understand how the Google algorithm works, you can easily use it to your advantage. What you need to know is that the information you provide to Google must be authentic. That it! The game of Plastic Surgery SEO starts from here!

Plastic surgeon seo tipsWhy Is Plastic Surgery SEO So Important?

If you want long-lasting success, you need to have a robust and continuously evolving SEO strategy for your plastic surgery practices. Trends change, and the digital world is a fast-changing one. Furthermore, as more businesses go online, the sheer volume of choices available means you need to stand out. SEO is instrumental in that.

Here is a good example to understand the whole thing. Let's suppose someone is searching for "breast augmentation cost Austin, TX" or "plastic surgeons near me" on Google. Now Google would show them all related websites in the first ten results. So if your website provides the exact content and is also accurately SEO-optimized, the person would see your website in first-page search results.

You will have more chances than your competitors to win more consults, more leads, and more procedures done at your practice.

Top 10 Plastic Surgeon SEO Strategies

If you are looking for impactful strategies for your plastic surgery practice? We have a list of 10 strategies that will help you conquer the plastic surgeon SEO game. Furthermore, they also serve as a litmus test to gauge the quality of plastic surgery SEO services.

Plastic surgeon seo tips

Be Sure That You Have An SEO Optimized Site

If you have a website without optimization, it is not enough. In the current global tactics, you are in dire need of a website completely search-engine-optimized.

The good news for you, in this case, is that people always search on the internet regarding plastic surgery before they go to any clinic or hospital. It means that you have a big opportunity to provide them with more useful content to satisfy their requirements. Of course, all this is only possible with an SEO-optimized website.

Try to show the "pros and cons" of plastic surgery, the cost information regarding different tools and procedures, and "before and after" pictures of all those cosmetic procedures you offer.

Also, try to answer the questions that may arise in people's minds regarding plastic surgery with SEO-optimized content. You will experience many people visiting your website sooner or later. And lastly, add a strong FAQ section to ensure relevant information is easily accessible to your visitors.

For Plastic Surgeons Policy, Go For Local SEO

A lot of people are there who are more interested in knowing the local services for plastic surgery around them. So, what you need is local SEO for plastic surgeons. Then, try to make your online presence locally, with 100% surety.

For this, we are highlighting some tips. First, make sure that you use the name of your country or city in your blog title, Meta descriptions, alt tags, and images. Secondly, use pictures reflecting that particular/local region. Finally, try to put people at ease by using a few words and phrases that are part of the local dialect.

Also, don't underestimate the importance of claiming your business on Google My Business Listing. The reason is that it will allow your business to pop up on Google Maps, and of course, contribute towards generating more local traffic.

Get A Killer Blog

Do you know that you will attract 80% of your website traffic because of your engaging blog content? When you can predict what questions people would research for plastic surgery, you can easily draw a lot of traffic to your blog by answering the questions via SEO-optimized content.

And when they get the answer to one question on your blog, they are more likely to return to it for further answers. As the visitors spend more time on your website and page, it signals to Google about the credibility of your content. The algorithm considers you as having more authority in that particular niche and will rank your content accordingly.

By a regular posting on your website, you will tell the Google algorithm that you are active in that niche and consistently provide the content to people.

Go For A Plastic Surgery Site That Is Mobile-Friendly

Google promotes those sites more rapidly, which are mobile-friendly. The reason is that people are more intent to search on mobile these days. So if you have a mobile-friendly site, it means your website looks good and is easy to open on any device.

All of us are indulged in our hectic lives, too busy to spare a few moments. For instance, someone searches for cosmetic surgery on their mobile, while driving, at the gym, on a train, or from anywhere. So your website should be optimized for multiple devices and OS.

In case you don't have a mobile-friendly site, no matter how good your SEO is, your competitors will steal your traffic in no time.

Double Down On Social Media

We are not talking about Facebook ads, although they are important in their way as well. Instead, we discuss the critical need for your consistent existence and active response to high-traffic-driven social media accounts nowadays, such as Instagram and Facebook. In the case of plastic surgery, your business is all about visual content.

If people look better on your website, they will automatically come to you to feel better. It's human psychology. We believe what we see. So, it's a great opportunity to display your services and content in the best possible way on all social media platforms. Furthermore, it is completely free of cost!

Here arises another more important question. How does having a social media presence tie into SEO for plastic surgeons? The answer is "SEO Backlinks"! Each high-quality link, which would lead back to your site, will fuel the fire of SEO on your site. So, backlinks are the key.

Make YouTube Videos

Google owns YouTube. So, when you have videos in your content, it will create a bump in Google's algorithm for SEO analytics.

When people search for plastic surgery, your SEO-optimized videos on plastic surgery will be there in the first search results for them. So it would be a more valuable treasure for them on the internet to read and watch about plastic surgery.

Don't forget to add the links to your website in the description of your YouTube channel. Getting more and more backlinks is better for your site.

Do Keyword Research In A Professional Way

To know is better than to guess. If you guess what keywords the people in your area are searching for plastic surgery, and you guessed wrong, then it's nothing except the loss of your precious time. So, to try to figure out these things in an authenticated way.

What is better for you, in this case, is to approach a well-known SEO marketing agency and have them do the keyword research work that is needed for the acquisition of the right keywords. The keywords should be reflective of the area and audience that is being targeted. For example, tummy tucks are popular in your region, so that is what your keywords should be targeting, not some other procedure.

Flexible Plans

Once you are done with all your website SEO, plus Google My Business Listing claim, YouTube videos, and wonderful content for blogs, you think all is done on your part. But, it is not the end!

SEO Keywords shift and change with the changing trends. Occasionally, a real-world event can cause irrelevant keywords to trend, even for your niche. Never use opportunistic keywords, as they damage the credibility of your brand.

Furthermore, the strategy devised by yourself or an SEO marketing agency needs to be flexible to manage changing trends, which are common in digital marketing.

Make Sure You're "Up To Speed."

According to Google research, the loading speed on a website is 15 seconds on average. In comparison, the average user will probably go to another site if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds.

It means that the engagement time of users is slow on the website, and it can result in a high bounce rate and weak SEO.

If your website has a slow loading time, it would poison your visitors' experience and damage your plastic surgery practice's credibility. Therefore, the page loading factor is one of the critical things Google algorithm will consider while ranking your website for plastic surgery services.

Let Not Go In Vain Your Plastic Surgery SEO Tactics

Making people reach your website is one thing. Turning them into your paying customers is an altogether different thing. Include the call to action element in blogs, such as claiming a giveaway, booking a consult, or downloading a report.

Remember, don't bring your customers to call you from the phone on the initial level. It is the last thing a customer does before buying a product. There are many ways to interact with your brand and know more about your plastic surgery services. Let it happen until they get ready to book a consultant or schedule a procedure.

Important FAQs about Plastic Surgeon SEO

What are the top 3 local plastic surgery SEO factors?

The main three SEO factors that Google sees while ranking any local business is prominence, proximity, and relevance. The same is the case for a plastic surgery business.

What is the #1 ranking factor on Google?

High-quality content with powerful backlinks and keywords of high search volume + low difficulty is the number one ranking factor on Google, as content is the king.

How long does it take for Google to rank your Plastic Surgery Website?

According to several resources, Google takes 3-6 months to rank content written with all SEO strategies.

What improves Plastic Surgeon SEO?

SEO can be improved by adding relevant and authoritative content (as Google hates old data), metadata, Link-worthy site, alt tags, and high-quality backlinks.

Which is the best free SEO tool for plastic surgery SEO services?

The best free SEO tool for plastic surgery SEO is Ahrefs, as it shows keyword difficulty and search volume up to seven keywords in free. Others are Yoast WordPress, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Search Console, etc.

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Easy Plastic Surgeon SEO Tips

Do you want to know how Plastic Surgery SEO can help your practice attract your target audience and have more online presence?

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