Easy Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Site with Mobile SEO Audit

Easy Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Site with Mobile SEO Audit

The Importance of Mobile SEO

According to statistics, mobile SEO is the most important thing these days. With over 70% of internet users using their mobile phones to browse the web, a good mobile experience is essential. Ensuring a good user experience along with lower load time keeps the visitors hooked and lowers bounce rates. This brings us to the next question: how can you optimize the mobile site? The answer is simple, a Mobile SEO Audit.

Companies who are new to this can always revert to SEO marketing services to hire professionals to perform  SEO audit services. An SEO audit company will not only point out errors in the mobile site but also provide quick and easy solutions. SEO audit is important for digital marketing and a site-wide audit can help optimize everything from relevant web pages to mobile versions of the website. This in turn ensures that the website ranks higher on search engine pages.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile devices are the largest source of lead generation keeping in view the 70% statistics of internet users. Not adapting to mobile-friendly websites can lead to many losses for any business. Moreover, according to other stats, about 74% of users come back to a mobile-friendly website.

This is reason enough to ensure a good mobile site experience. Furthermore, when visitors return to your website, there is a high chance of sales and therefore, business growth. Additionally, mobile-friendly websites tend to improve 60% of user opinion. This ensures that users have a positive opinion of your overall business instead of creating a negative perception.

Negative perceptions are created when users face frustratingly long load times and difficult navigation. Another thing that puts users off is when a web page does not fit seamlessly onto the screen. This directly leads to higher bounce rates ultimately hurting your ranking on search engines.

The Mobile-friendliness of a website improves conversion rates where about 67% of users are more likely to make a purchase. Business websites that work properly on smart devices and have easy navigation have a higher number of conversion rates.

Shifts in Google Algorithm

New changes in the Google algorithm shifted to prioritizing mobile crawling and indexing websites. This means that Google will first read and index those websites that are mobile-friendly. Having a smartphone means users having instant access to information. When Google launched its mobile-first indexing update, it helped over 4.68 billion people to access information conveniently.

On the other hand, this harms many other websites that experience a decline in SERP rankings. Due to this update, many websites saw a steep decline in traffic because Google dominates search engines. Users save time when they look for something on Google and it is always authentic.

To recover from this decline in online traffic, websites need to take immediate action and upgraded their websites for mobile. This in turn will help recover the lost SERP position quickly. However, it is not easy to upgrade without conducting an SEO audit for mobile.

Let us look at some basics before diving into how to conduct a successful mobile SEO audit.

What Does Mobile-First Indexing Mean?

Mobile-first indexing means that those websites that have been optimized for mobile will rank higher. The search engine result pages – SERPs will first show those websites that are better mobile-friendly. This update by Google was aimed at improving user experience when they perform online searches.

The previous version prioritized desktop versions over any other type of website. However, this did not improve user experience since the difference in screen sizes and other technicalities got in the way. After careful experimentation, Google finally decided to roll out mobile-first indexing in 2018.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Apart from being ahead in the game, there are numerous benefits of optimizing your website for mobile. Some of these are:

  • The website loads at a shorter time on mobile devices.
  • The faster the loading speed of the website, the better SEO gets. Page speed is now considered a factor for website ranking.
  • When the user experience is better, there is a decrease in bounce rate.
  • Websites that are optimized for mobile use will rank higher than those which are not.
  • A mobile-optimized website will drive more traffic to the website.

Conducting a Mobile SEO Audit

The following steps can help you perform an effective mobile SEO audit for your website.

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1. Creating A Responsive Web Design

Website design plays an important role in the engagement and traffic of a website. Visitors can either be hooked or disappointed with the design of the website. Therefore, a responsive website design can do the trick. This will mean that the website can adapt to the dimensions of the device it is being accessed on. The user will have the same experience without any changes in the web design.

2. Improving Load Speed

Improving the loading speed of your website also determines the ranking factor on Google. Mobile page speed plays an important role in SERPs so improving it is essential. There is an easy way of checking the load time by using Google’s  PageSpeed Insights tool. . Simply open the tool and enter the URL of your website. Next, click on Analyse and you will be given a result. These results will include page speeds of both mobile and desktop versions. Every test is given a score out of 100 whereby, a range between 100 to 90 is considered fast. Any score that falls between 89 to 50 is considered average and anything below 49 is slow.

Apart from showing the load speed, Page Speed Insights also gives you suggestions on how to improve. Following these suggestions can result in faster loading times. The diagnostics section of these insights will give you detailed analysis and ways to work on each. Other commonly used ways to improve page speed are by compressing image sizes and fixing broken links.

3. Mobile Usability on Google Search Console

You can also check for mobile usability in Google’s search console. This allows you to inspect your website URL using an inspection tool. There is a “Mobile Usability” option that allows you to estimate if your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Moreover, there is a sidebar that you can use to find out various issues pertaining to your website’s inability to run well on mobile devices. These features are not compatible with dynamic website designs. If your website has a dynamic design, you will need to create XML sitemaps of the website URL. This is then submitted to the search console for indexing.

4. Valuable Content

No matter which platform your website is being viewed on, the content does not change. Therefore, all the content visitors must be exposed to provides value. Keep in mind, that all the content will be viewed on mobile so it should be optimized as such. Although a dynamic website design is important, optimized content also plays an important role.

SEO optimization through the effective use of keywords is the way to go. If you already haven’t done it, you must do it right away! Using free online keyword tools can help you filter out relevant keywords right away. Improving readability scores and ensuring the absence of grammar errors is another way to improving SEO. A meta description is another way of improving your content and ultimately increasing search engine rankings.

5. Using Tools to Check Mobile-Friendliness

Once you are done with the audit, using online tools like  Mobile Friendliness Checker and  Mobile-Friendly Test  can tell you how well optimization went.

Boththese tools give accurate results and show how well every step of optimization went and what can be improved.

6. Analysing Mobile Traffic

Once a mobile SEO audit is completed, it is time to put it to the test. The objective of mobile SEO is to analyse how much traffic is being driven to the website by mobile users. Google Analytics is the tool you need to determine this test. You will be able to understand your website performance and your audience.

Apart from this, you can also see the details of how your audience interacts with the website. Google Analytics monitors the behaviour of all visitors of your mobile audience. This is accessible under the “Mobile” section of the audience.

The Takeway

An audit is an important part of any business. When it comes to online businesses and eCommerce, SEO audit is important. With the number of mobile users increasing every day, it is important to conduct a content audit, an SEO audit, and even a mobile SEO audit.

Being patient with audits and audit reports is important. As a business owner, you need to focus on every single error and take time to resolve each one. This can be time-consuming itself. Moreover, once the issues have been resolved, you need time to see the impact. This can take a few weeks to several months. Once the results of the last audit are in hand, you can make further decisions whether you need to make additions or changes for improvement.

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