SEO CASE STUDY: Upscale Your Monthly Organic Traffic Upto 200k in 24 Months

In a recent newsflash, we’ve helped a popular automobile company in reaching monthly organic traffic equivalent to around 200k within the time period of two years only. The biggest part of this news is that the company had almost null traffic when they hired Rank Top SEO, the best SEO agency in town.

The automobile company wasn’t just capable of driving this immense traffic towards their website, but they also ended the second year with 99.66% lead generation and the best seo services we provided helped them rank with more than two hundred relevant keywords on the top of search engines.

Want to grow your monthly organic traffic to a similar extent? Read through our SEO case study and get inspired!


SEO Case Study - Summary & Outcomes

Before you finally dive into the details, here’s a brief summary of how Rank Top SEO, a leading SEO marketing company, helped this automobile company in driving up to 200k organic traffic.

The client, as highlighted before, was a car selling company with little effort done for SEO already.

They had a blog, a small amount of published content, and a team of expert writers.

However, the content they’d published on the blog wasn’t much effective in delivering outcomes.

That is where Rank Top SEO, the best SEO agency, intervened and provided them with the utmost affordable local SEO services.

The Process

It includes the following steps –

  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis: It included reviewing of client’s existing keyword research, analysis of competitor’s keyword research, its comparison with that of client’s, elimination of less relevant keywords, and the addition of new keywords (we added an estimated 200+ keywords in perfect coalition with the business).
  • Content Auditing: This step included thorough content auditing so as to ensure that there is no case of content cannibalization (multiple articles ranked for a similar keyword).
  • Writers’ Guideline for Website Content: It comprised creating writer’s guidelines for website content and that too in alignment with the standard SEO algorithms.
  • Adequate CTR Placement: We made sure that each CTR is being placed adequately in perfect coalition with the brands’ needs and requirements.
  • Website Analytics: We thoroughly analyzed the website analytics and made sure they’re up to date for driving potential organic traffic.
  • Site Monitoring: We kept monitoring their site’s performance and continued making changes and improvements wherever and whenever required.
  • On Page Interlinking: we made sure each article being published is getting interlinked with previously published articles on a continuous basis.

The Outcomes:

The automobiles seller that hired our affordable local SEO services witnessed incredible outcomes such as a massive increase in their monthly organic traffic (up to 200k), a 55% improvement in their website’s performance, 99.66 percent lead-generation, and whatnot.

Here Is the Detailed Guide to Upscale Your Monthly Organic Traffic Up To 200K Within 24 Months

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Focusing at the core, Rank Top SEO – a leading SEO marketing company, began the process by conducting a thorough audit of the existing keyword research.

As the client had already been doing a little bit of SEO, they had a whole list of around 250 keywords that were being used in their content to get their website ranked across multiple niches.


Some of the relevant keywords we came across include –

  • Automobile services
  • Buy and sell cars
  • Affordable used cars for selling
  • Automobile repair services

While some of them were totally irrelevant such as –

  • Project management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing

Thus, the foremost thing we did as a leading seo services provider was rooting out the irrelevant keywords. Anything in the list that has no relevance to the business niche got dumped during the process.

In an ideal SEO strategy, we suggest our clients try ranking for a maximum of one or two niches. No matter ranking for multiple SEO topics could get your website immense traffic, but versatile targeting could make your website less reliable.

Another crucial issue that we came across during the audit was content cannibalization.

It refers to a situation where more than one article is ranking for a similar keyword or possibly for the variations of a similar keyword.

The client had 2-3 variations of the keyword “automobile repair,” each used in a different article. They were –

  • Auto repair
  • Automobile repair  
  • General auto repair

All of these were referring to a similar thing, and Google knew that.

So each time the Google Bot crawled through the website, it got confused about which of the three articles is actually the main article and who it should rank.

To resolve the problem, we created an article “Top Tips to Hire the Best Auto Repair Services in Town”, combining all three keywords into one and boom. Also, we made sure to create 301 redirects from the other article pages (to let Google know that the page is defunct and all the backlinks it directs you towards are now meant for the new redirected page).

Once we made sure each of the existing problems had been resolved, we moved forward with the final step i.e. creation of the final keywords list. We made sure to include all high volume, low competition, generic, and location-based keywords comprising the potential to uplift their ranking.

Now that we’re done with keyword research, we moved forward to the stage of competitor research.

It involved doing a thorough analysis of the competitors’ keyword strategies, determining what keywords are they ranking for, and understanding how they are maintaining their ranks for longer periods.

We also implemented the first-page analysis method and checked through the competitors’ backlinks, and worked on the allintitle seo strategy. 


Wondering what’s exactly a 3101 redirect? We can help sort your confusion as a leading SEO marketing company!

There are two basic types of page redirects and they include –

  • 301 – Permanent Redirect – It helps Google understand that the page is defunct and all the backlinks it points towards could now be counted for the newly redirected page.
  • 302 – Temporary Redirect – It helps when you’re conducting A/B testing by dividing the redirection of traffic to two different pages at a time.

Content Audit, Strategy, and Optimization


Because the car selling company already had a content team, they were producing content on a weekly basis and had published around 150+ blog posts already with new ones popping every week.

Thus, the next crucial part of the SEO services we’re providing was to conduct a thorough website audit of their existing content and undermine whether it’s in the direction or not.

The most prominent problems we came across in their content included –

  • The articles weren’t coherent with the search intent of keywords. For example, an article ranking for the keyword “auto repair” talked about the best automobiles of the year.
  • Some of the published content pieces were more of an opinion than an informative article. The fact is that Google does not rank articles that are opinionated. For instance, if you want to rank a keyword “automobiles”, articles such as “a guide to buying the best automobiles” or “the best automobiles launched this year” would more likely be ranked instead of something saying “why automobiles are becoming less innovative”.

Thus, the next crucial step was to resolve these issues and did that with profound expertise. We divided all these published articles into three different groups. They include –

  • Best – these were the articles with almost null issues, they could be groomed with little effort.
  • Fixable – these were the articles that couldn’t be ranked but had fixable content parts.
  • Non-Fixable – these were the articles that were almost null and couldn’t be reused for any purpose.

Once all the content was sorted, Rank Top SEO. A high-tech SEO marketing company kept the best published with small improvements, revamped which was fixable, and removed the non-fixable articles (either unpublished them or used 301 redirects to turn the traffic towards a better content piece).

While we revamped the fixable content and made little improvements in the articles that had the least issues, our team of expert content writers ensured taking care of the few crucial SEO guidelines.

Later to the revamping of existing content pieces, we moved forward with the provision of SEO services with curating a stellar content strategy that could help in further content production and optimization. The strategy featured the following highlighted areas.

Content in Coalition with Keyword Search Intent: The point enforced adding content in every article while maintaining complete coalition with the keyword search intent so as to make sure the articles remain potential for attaining a higher ranking.

Keyword Optimized Titles and Headers: It is enforced upon curating the titles and headers (specifically, H1) of every article with adequate keyword optimization no matter what. This was meant to ensure the perfect content optimization.

Optimized Meta Titles and Descriptions: This point is enforced upon curating the best Meta titles and descriptions with adequate keyword optimization so as to ensure that the articles attain the highest potential for ranking.

Keyword-Optimized Slugs: Also, our content strategy is enforced upon creating highly keyword-optimized slugs so as to maximize the ranking potential of each article.

LSI Keywords:  This point highlighted using LSI keywords throughout the content pieces so as to ensure they appear at a higher rank.

Integrating this content strategy over the automobile company’s blog really helped us improve their content and pushed their traffic and lead generation to some incredible heights.

Content Writing Directions

Now that the content strategy was all set, we moved forward with the provision of SEO services by creating the most legit content marketing guidelines so as to ensure that the existing content team at the automobile company creates adequate content that continues to improve the website’s ranking, traffic and much more.

The central issue we were able to devise as a top-notch SEO marketing company was the lack of basic SEO knowledge. They were good content writers but not every content writer could understand the SEO content guidelines. Thence, we came up with a few stellar strategies focused at helping the team in creating SEO-optimized content.

They included –

  • Establishing Detailed Content Outlines: Each time a writer was given the task of writing an article, we made sure to provide them with a detailed outline comprising of all the SEO guidelines they needed to follow such as the keywords, number of times they shall be included, and the areas of a topic which shall be discussed, etc.
  • Standard SEO Content Guideline: As a collateral effort, we established a standard SEP content guideline carrying all the significant points that an SEO content writer must know in easy and non-technical language so as to make sure the writers fully understand. It helped bring all the writers to a similar page from where they could grow and explore new directions.

The standard SEO content guideline we established as a leading SEO marketing company comprised of the following feature points –

Active and Passive Voice: The use of active voice shall be consistent, however; a passive voice shall be avoided through content so as to ensure writing a piece of content in perfect alignment with the SEO guidelines.

Short & Smart Sentences:  Short and smart sentences (up to 12 words at max) shall be used throughout the content piece so that the flow remains consistent and readability upheld.

Short & Smart Paragraphs: Similarly, the paragraphs shall be small and smart (maximum 5-6 lines) so as to maintain consistency and readability of your article at best. This could help in reaching a more organic audience and preventing them from bounce backs.

Quick & Simple Vocabulary: Using quick and simple vocabulary in your content is crucial because it maximizes the readership, drives more traffic, and contributes to lead generation – all at a time. The content you are often creating is meant to reach the local public i.e. laymen and so, it shall always be simple enough to be grasped and understood by everyone without hassle.

Repetitive Content: The best piece of content is one that’s unique and possesses no repetition. Thus you should always create 100% unique, organic content free from all kinds of repetitions, plagiarism, and the copying of ideas. It not only helps keep the audience captivated but also in attaining higher SEO ranks on Google.

Fluff & Filler Language: One thing that Google hates is the inclusion of fluff and filler language in your content. This could give an impression that you have tried trespassing the standard guidelines and makes you guilty in front of Google – preventing it from ranking you on top of search engines. Thence, it is crucial to avoid using fluff and filler language in your content.

Natural Keyword Integration: There is doubt in the fact that keyword integration is crucial to your SEO ranking but stuffing them deliberately at places where they do not make any sense could be of no help in attaining a higher rank. You shall always try to integrate keywords naturally throughout the content instead of stuffing them at unlikely places.

Technical Content:  Although you’ve been advised to keep the vocabulary simple and understanding, you shall always try to use technical terms wherever required. Suppose you’re writing for a tech-based client whose audience is all tech-savvy, creating technical content in such a scenario is crucial for both the captivation of your audience as well as to convince Google algorithms of your reliability.

Relevant Statistics: In case you’re putting statistics in your content, ensure that they are relevant and authentic. Adding statistics gives your content an incredible strength without doubt but what’s crucial is to keep them real, relevant, and authentic.

Right Placement of CTA

Now that most of the crucial content areas were audited and strategized, we moved forward with the rightful place of CTAs. Call-To-Action buttons are the most significant part of your website that has the potential to finally convert your audience into clients. Even though your client is fully convinced for conversion, they cannot take the right action unless you’ve placed CTA in a rightful manner.

We found a similar problem with the website’s content of this car dealing company. They had compelling visuals and text all appearing on their landing pages but lacked proper CTA placement and that was causing the least number of conversions over time.

So, we planned out to rearrange their Call-To-Action buttons in a manner that the audience could be triggered for an action as soon as they get convinced and appealed by the visual and text content. This was meant to provoke the audience in making right choices and hitting the CTA’s at the righteous point of their buyer’s journey.

Why Is the Rightful Placement of CTAs Important To Attain A Remarkable Click-Through-Rate (CTA)?

Click-Through-Rate (CRA) is basically the amount of time the visitors on your website have clicked over the CTAs (Call-To-Action buttons). It helps to understand whether the visitors on your website are getting triggered enough to make a purchase or not and also showcases the number of leads generated. The bigger is your Click-Through Rate the better could be your organic reach, lead generation, and conversion.

Placing CTAs at a rightful position is crucial because that helps trigger the audience for clicking – generating a lead technically.

Suppose you’ve curated an incredible CTA and have placed it on top of your landing page before actually explaining anything about the services you offer, would that be effective enough to trigger your audience for making an action? Absolutely not. So, you shall always place CTAs after thoroughly explaining your services and right after you’ve added an appealing feature of your services in the content.

For instance, Rank top SEO, the best SEO marketing company in town, introduced the car selling company as the world's largest and most authentic car in the first paragraph along with highlighting the feature of affordability and placed a triggering CTA “Book Your Car” to the forefront. This combination has proved to trigger the audience incredibly – resulting in 99.66% lead generation.  

Website Analytics


Once we get past the stages of devising content strategies and guidelines for the content team working at this car selling company, we move forward to the stage of managing website analytics as a part of providing affordable local SEO services.

This included ensuring that each set goal is being worked on, reaching a level of finalization and getting attained. For instance, we went through the website of this car company and analyzed the audiences’ behavior over it. From the total duration, they would spend on our client’s website to the time they took for making an action (either clicking on the CTA or bouncing back from the website), the final rate of goal conversion and much more.

As an outcome of conducting a thorough analysis of their website analytics, we came across a few problems such as small sessions of the visitors on the website, higher bouncing rates, and almost null conversion of goals. Thence, the experts at our SEO marketing company worked upon fixing them and came up with the following solutions.

Loading Time: A prominent reason why the sessions weren’t so long on their website and bounce rate grew higher was the loading time. We tested ourselves and each web page took almost 20-30 seconds to load completely while that should have been a matter of a few nanoseconds. We grabbed the loophole, discovered glitches that were causing an increased loading time, fixed them and boom – their load time increased incredibly and so did the sessions of visitors on the website. The bounce rate, however, dropped as an outcome of decreased loading time.


Efficient Navigation: Another significant problem we came across was the lack of efficient navigation across the website. Each time a visitor would want to shift from one section of a page to another, or from a page to another page – the navigations wouldn’t appear that simple. Thence, this abrupt navigation was contributing massively to the declining bounce rate. We established a strategy focused on fixing their navigation problems, executed that, and boom – the visitors can now flexibly navigate from sections to sections and pages to pages – giving an incredible rise to the rates of goal conversions and increased session times.

As an outcome, the monthly organic traffic on the website kept increasing and hit a massive i.e. 200k in just twenty-four months.

Site Monitoring

Search engine optimization can never be ended.

You can never say or announce that we are done with the SEO services of your company website and we ensure that your traffic would continue boosting over time. Nope, it calls for continuous efforts, monitoring, and improvement.

As soon as we were done with curating and executing all the best strategies, we moved forward to the stage of site monitoring for the vehicle company. We’re still in the process of site monitoring even after helping them drive 200k+ monthly organic traffic and will continue to bring changes and improvements wherever required in their entire website (both in terms of content and the technical areas).


As a part of our site monitoring strategy, Rank top SEO, a leading SEO marketing company,  pinpointed certain areas that require continuous monitoring, they include –

  • The content that has already been published needs to be continuously monitored and improved so as to maintain the ranking. We cannot just leave them behind because they rank on top of the search outcomes. It requires continuous improvement to actually maintain that rank. For instance the tone of content, statistics, the tech news and much more – all these things continue to change and so we make sure to update them in all the published blogs of their car company.
  • Apart from the content, website theme, aesthetics, visuals and color schemes also need to be updated in coalition with the trends. You cannot always captivate the audience with 2D visuals but you’ll have to transform them into 3DE visuals as the trend updates. We are continuously monitoring the audience’s behavior towards the website aesthetics and ensure to make improvements each time they’re required.
  • Also, the technical areas such as page load time, navigation, URL slugs, etc. shall be monitored and improved overtime so as to maintain your website’s rank on top. As a part of our strategy, we have been keeping an eye on the automobile’s technical side and continue to make changes and improvements wherever required.

On Page Interlinking

On-page interlinking is an essential part of SEO.

It refers to linking one page of your website to another page. Sounds like back linking? It’s slightly different because the links are from your website to your website.

Why is that a crucial part of SEO strategy? Well, there are companies with record traffic that have simply based on an on-going interlinking strategy only.

So, as a leading provider of affordable local SEO services, we adapted the same strategy and did as follows for the vehicle company –

  • We made sure that each new content being posted has links to the existing posts and articles;
  • We made sure to interlink similar articles and blog posts in multiple content pieces; and
  • We made sure to interlink older posts (less likely to get attention otherwise) with newer posts (most likely to get the audiences’ attention).

It was pretty simple to attain these objectives, we added them into the writer’s guidelines and made sure to do a cross check for each piece of article they wrote. As a best-in-town SEO marketing company, we have experts who knew that adding links that they wanted the writers to include in the content outlines to further streamline the process. The outcome was immense with monthly organic traffic maximizing even for the articles and blogs posted months ago.


Putting it short and condensed, our efforts really paid and we served as the best local SEO services for the automobile company.

We hope that you understood the case study well and it was captivating enough to keep you hooked till here, right?

We simply implemented all the best SEO strategies, put our 100% into it and boom – the results are at your forefront. An estimated 200k+ organic traffic, 99.66% rate of lead generation and much more in just two years – sounds big, right?

To your delight, the SEO strategies we implemented and have explained in the case study above are still working today. You just have to catch them the right way and nothing can stop you from driving the utmost traffic and converting huge.

Apart from this car selling company, we have helped many other companies achieve their dream traffic and exceptionally big rate of conversions using similar techniques and results have been great at most times.

What do you perceive from this?

Yes, you’re right. You can adopt these strategies too and they’ll definitely help you rise with incredible results.

We understand it’s not easy for everyone to adopt and implement these strategies all perfectly and so we’ve made it our objective to help organizations adopt them without hassle. We provide the best-in-town local SEO services which could surely upscale your brand and bring massive traffic to your website – maximizing lead generation and conversion alongside.

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