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Local search optimization ensures to highlight you in the local listing and always comes at the top of search results when a customer nearby searches for the services you provide. Without local SEO services, your brand could miss the most qualified traffic – losing potential sales – as an outcome. Speak to one of our experienced SEO professionals today and prevent the loss before it happens!

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Implementing an adequate local SEO strategy could seemingly maximize your visibility in front of potential clients. Rank Top SEO is, as the name suggests, the best local SEO company dedicated to uplifting the visibility of each client by curating and executing charismatic SEO strategies.

So hire us today and grab sky-high ranking in the top search engines without hassle!


Why Does Your Business
Need Local SEO Services?

Local SEO is crucial for SMEs and large enterprises because it helps drive qualified leads towards the business and convert them into potential clients. As a leading local search marketing company, Rank Top SEO takes pride in providing each of its clients with top-notch services and making sure they reach incredibly higher ranks.


The Importance of
Local SEO

In the current digital landscape, it’s crucial to invest in local SEO, for it can bring to your business great success. With increased competition in almost every niche and the changing buying behavior of the consumers under the influence of digitalization, it has become almost necessary for the brands to get themselves locally listed to get noticed among the crowd.


Aiming to Get Ranked as A Local Business? Here's How to Do That!

Rank Top SEO is an affordable local SEO company with a team of local SEO experts onboarded. They could help bring your business's local SEO ranking and guide you through the process and explain to you the technical highlights. So hire us today and get assistance from one of our finest SEO experts!

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Our Local SEO Approach

Local Optimization

First things first, we make sure your businesses get locally listed as a part of the local SEO optimization strategy. Local SEO is basically a process aimed at maximizing the visibility of local businesses across top search engines. With a rightful SEO implementation, businesses could seemingly drive the right organic traffic towards your website and maximize their sales without hassle. To help you achieve that, we go through the following stages –

Optimize Your Business for GMB –

As a foremost step to get your business locally listed, it has to be optimized for Google My Business. With Google being much comfortable with organic content, GMB has become a primary source of connecting your business to it – a tool meant for aligning your business strategy with what Google requires.

As a dedicated local search engine optimization services provider, Rank Top SEO makes sure to get your business locally listed and optimized for Google My Business. The process takes place as follows –

SEO experts here create your Google My Business page and get that verified.

They utilize Google Posts from within your account.

Encourage your customers to share feedback about your business online.

Respond to their feedback actively and with respect to specific locations.

As soon as you put up with these things efficiently, Google verifies your businesses as reliable and authentic and is likely to reward you with a space in their local search. This way, your businesses could be easily found by the local customers as soon as they search for the services you offer.

Getting your business optimized for GMB isn’t just crucial with the SEO perspective, but receiving genuine client feedback, keeping your contact information and working hours updated could contribute massively to improving your consumers’ experience. In today’s world, consumers find it integral to get authentic business information more than ever. They do not believe in the reliability of a business unless it appears in the local search and has updated such features.

Share Your GMB Page Across Social Media Platforms –

With the new algorithms incorporated, Google finds social media sharing as crucially integral, more than ever. Considering that, our local SEO experts share your GMB page across social media platforms as a part of the strategy.

This helps to align both the social and search, making your business more authentic and reliable for Google and the potential customers out there.

Keep Your Address, Name, and Contact Information Consistent Throughout –

To make your business highly accessible for the local audience, we ensure that your name, address, and phone number (generally called NAP together) remains consistent online. We add them as crawlable HTML text to your website to be easily recognized by the Google crawlers. The most likely locations where we add them include the header and footer of your website because they could be quickly crawled.

Optimize Citations and Online Directories –

As a top local SEO marketing company, Rank Top SEO ensures that your citations and online directories remain consistent and optimized. It is almost crucial to keep them that way because even a slight inconsistency, abbreviations, misspelling, incorrect contact information, or lack of suite number could be problematic.

If Google cannot determine the right information about your business, it may not let your business appear in the local search listing. Additionally, we help you eliminate all the duplicate listings, if any, at the same time. This helps uplifting the local ranking of your brand.

Local SEO Audit –

Once our local SEO experts are done with the above-mentioned tasks, they also perform a local SEO audit, ensuring that the overall strategy is in place and making changes and updates where required.

Content Creation

Once we've successfully listed your business in the local search, the local SEO experts at Rank Top SEO move forward with content curation. Local SEO content curation is essential for a business that aims to attain higher SEO ranks.

What Is Content Curation?

Since the beginning of planet earth, humans have always been focused on collecting the art, science, and literature curated. We have invented museums, encyclopedias, and libraries for the same purpose. It has been human nature to look upon such content by authentic curators to be of help in multiple matters.

In today's landscape, content curation could be referred to as the online expression of what humans have been doing for a long time – collecting and cataloging all the interesting aspects of a particular subject and sharing it for the common benefit.

Content curation is crucial for businesses aiming to succeed in this era. It happens to bring extended order and utility to the social web. In the process, it also helps to get the point of view and voice to the organizations – connecting them with an expanded audience based on brand-new organic content and not just the purposeful marketing messages.

Curating local SEO content involves multiple processes; the integral among them could be listed as follows –

Research & Discovery – As a foremost step in content curation, research and discovery possesses great significance. The best way to carry through this process is to overview related content. Reading and analyzing blogs and channels that share articles on topics similar to your business is an important way of gathering information and discovering the news that's got the hype.

Production – Now that you've carried out successful research and Discovery, it's time to move forward with the phase of production. It involves the actual content curation, and the SEO expert writers from Rank Top SEO take pride in curating the best content for uplifting your site.

Publishing – No matter how good of content you've curated, it can't be of any use unless it gets published in perfect alignment with the algorithms and guidelines of SEO. The expert content curators here assist you in publishing unique, compelling, and SEO-optimized content on your website, ensuring that it contributes to your ranking and improves your business visibility to its best.

Why Is Local SEO Content Curation Crucial for Businesses?

There are multiple reasons why creating locally optimized content is crucial for businesses; the prominent among them is because it helps conquering the long tail reach hassle-free.

Considering the SEO point of view, adding a dedicated section for content curation in your website is an essential way of enhancing and conquering the long tail reach of your website.

For doing that, you must always work in alignment with the phases of content curation (i.e., Discovery, production, and publishing). This will prevent you from posting duplicate content on your website and driving the right traffic towards your business without hassle.

How Do We Create SEO-Optimized Content for Your Business?

At Rank Top SEO, we have highly trained and professional local SEO consultants who could guide you about the significance of optimized content curation and create a highly converting SEO strategy that could bring your website to incredible heights.

Also, we have an individual content curation team with all the top industry experts onboarded. They are experienced professionals who know exactly how to curate the best content for your website in alignment with the provided SEO strategies. So hire our local SEO content curation services today and turn your dream of ranking at the top of the search engine true!

Local Citations

Local SEO Citations are every time you mention the name of your business, address, and contact information (phone number) NAP online. Most SEO specialists believe NAP to be an integral ranking factor in terms of local SEO.

Citations could appear in multiple places such as social networks, business directories, or any other place where people might look for information regarding local businesses.

Why Are Local SEO Citations Significant?

There are two major reasons why local citations are considered significant. They include –

Citations Help Attaining Higher Ranking in the Local Search –

Citations are commonly known for contributing massively to verifying your business's trustworthiness, legitimacy, and existence. With similar information appearing at multiple sites, Google is likely to accept that your business actually exists, is operational, and everything you say about it is true to the core.

Considering that, the local SEO experts at Rank Top SEO provide incredible local citation services for each client, ensuring that it contributes well in uplifting your local ranking.

Citations Help People in Discovering Your Business Online –

People don't always use Google to search for local businesses; instead, they're likely to go on sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, and specialized directories such as They make it important for the businesses to be listed and cited on such websites.

Another reason why listing your business in such directories is crucial is that business directories are most likely to dominate search results appearing for local queries.

Considering that, the experts at Rank Top SEO ensure citing your businesses on all such sites so that you could drive the utmost qualified leads and turn them into potential clients without hassle.

How Do We Build Local SEO Citations for Your Business?

Though many businesses benefit from structured and unstructured citations, you don't need to get them from every site. Again, it's more about the quality than quantity here.

Here's the list of few steps we underwent to build quality local citations for our clients!

Get Your Citations Listed with Data Aggregators –

With thousands of business directories available on the web; it's pretty difficult to get your business cited in all of them. To ease that problem, we have several data aggregators to provide authentic business information to the thousands of business directories at a time.

As the best local SEO company, we make sure to get your local citations from these data aggregators – expanding your reach to the many thousands of local business directories existing in your niche.

Submit Citations to The Core Sites –

Undoubtedly, submitting your citations to the data aggregators maximizes your local citations in the existing business directories; they don't have to get you cited with every important website and directory.

To make sure you have all the quality citations, we assist each client in submitting their citations to the core websites themselves. These core websites could be the essential ones such as Yellow Pages, Facebook, Foursquare, Apple Maps, etc., that are most likely to be used for local searching by the audience.

Submit Citations to The Popular Local & Industry Sites – Also, there are some popular local and industry sites where your Citation needs to be submitted. For instance, if you run a hotel, you must submit your citations to TripAdvisor, etc.

Pursue Unstructured Citations – We don't stop here. Though submitting your citations to the above-mentioned directories and sites must have crushed your competitors, why not more?

Well, we help you further grab visibility via the unstructured citations. These could be referred to by your mentions in different reviews, blog posts, press news, and more. They're a little harder to attain when compared to structured citations but putting in the right effort could always help you get them. All you have to do is convince people about the reliability and authenticity of your business to get yourself the unstructured citations.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages on your website aimed at directly converting the potential visitors into leads. They are designed and incorporated following a different strategy than the overall website. An ideal local seo landing page shall have a form asking the visitors to fill in their general information and the services they require. The primary objective of such a landing page is to convert potential visitors into leads that eventually turn into high-paying clients.

At Rank Top SEO, we have a team of local seo experts who could help you best optimize your landing pages.

Why Is That Crucial to Optimize Local Landing Pages?

There are multiple reasons why optimizing local landing pages is crucial, the prominent among them could be listed as follows –

Organic Search Optimization –

the primary objective of creating any local landing page is organic search optimization. They are designed in alignment with the surface of search engine result pages so that they could appear whenever a user searches for the services similar to what your business offers. Organic results are more crucial than those which are paid and are likely to lead much potential conversions than the sponsored listings.

Considering that, Rank Top SEO helps create the best landing page seo optimization services to each of its clients and make sure that they are capable of grabbing the quality leads.

Promoting Unique Content –

Now two franchises of locations of a business could be the same. Optimized landing pages help display the varied information of the two or more sides of your business via unique content. It helps you promote your business via multiple ways and driving more specific traffic to each of your business types – expanding sales and revenues – as an outcome.

The great local seo experts here make sure that the multiple landing pages of your business are rightly optimized for the specified audience and location – driving the utmost quality audience towards each of them without hassle.

Lead Generation –

optimizing local landing pages involves integrating them with contact request forms, appointment scheduling tabs, call-to-action buttons, and much more. All of that contributes massively in the quality lead generation for your business. The better your landing pages have been optimized, the bigger are the chances for your business to thrive – capturing potential leads and converting them into clients.

Rank Top SEO, as a leading local seo marketing company, ensures providing the best landing page seo optimization services to its clients so that they could reach a quality audience and drive maximum quality leads.

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Both SMEs and established enterprises could use local seo to improve their ranking and reach an extended audience. Rank Top SEO provides the best local seo services that ensures improved ranking as well as quality leads for your brand. We have all the top industry experts onboarded to get your seo strategies fit perfectly to what Google requires.

There’s no such difference between Local SEO and Local Website SEO. Both the terms represent search engine optimization carried out locally to maximize the local visibility of your business and capture all the quality local leads for it. We have expert seo professionals who know exactly how to get your website ranked the highest in local search engines and drive quality traffic.

When analyzing the local search ranking factors, quality of the links appears to be the most important factor so far. The keywords incorporated in the text of links also possess great significance while the quantity of links and their diversity also counts as integral factors in local search ranking.

Business citations are most likely to appear on local websites, business directories, applications, and the social platforms. Thence, they have the potential to maximize your visibility across audiences – ensuring that your business has the capability to capture maximum leads and convert them into potential clients. get your business ranked at the highest positions with our best local citation services.