How To Link Google My Business To Google AdWords?

How To Link Google My Business To Google AdWords?

The digital business industry is rapidly changing with new ways of getting customers and making sales. While some techniques work well for all kinds of businesses, others only benefit a handful of businesses. In order to aid businesses online, Google has done a lot to ensure that all kinds of businesses succeed.

search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are well versed that have proved to improve your rankings. Additionally, Google has a handful of other ways to help businesses get the best of the online audience. In this article, we will talk about Google My Business and Google AdWords and how you can link the two for better results. Both are powerful tools for improving your online business success.

However, if you link Google My Business and Google AdWords, your customers will experience consistency in your brand. It is a great way of building the right brand image and creating a strong connection with the customers.

Let us first understand what Google My Business and Google AdWords are:

What is Google My Business

It is a good idea to understand what Google My Business is before you go ahead and invest your time and energy in setting it up. As the name suggests, Google My Business is your business name on Google search engines. This tool is very effective in creating a listing for your business on Google.

It is simply to ensure that when a customer searches your business, all the right information is given to them so they can visit, make a purchase or contact your company. Google My Business helps you get the right information to the consumer. You may wonder if that is it? Is it even worth it?

Yes. Google My Business is a lot more than just that!

Using Google My Business creates a listing for your website on Google in addition to managing what your company looks like on the search engine giant. More features are worth investing time in Google My Business.

What are the Features it offers?

Google My Business will make it easy for you to:

  • Interact with reviews.
  • Give essential information to the consumers about your business. Information like business hours, phone numbers, address, and more.
  • Give customers easy directions to your business location.
  • Promote news and events about your business.
  • Add pictures of your business and everything important that you want to share.

Google My Business is a great resource for both businesses and users. It simplifies all confusion and can be considered an ice breaker between you and your potential customer.

Cost of Using Google My Business

Google My Business is free! Simply sign up with your company account and claim and manage all your listings free of cost. The Google My Business mobile application makes it even more convenient for users of Android and iOS devices to manage their listings on the go.

Stay alert for online frauds and spammers who may send you messages claiming that your Google My Business listing is expiring and that you need to pay. If there are any changes to your Google My Business tool, it will come to your Google My Business site directly.

Importance of Google My Business

This tool is important as it can be the first business interaction between you and your target audience. Apart from providing helpful information to your existing and potential customers, it also sets the first impression of your business. Skipping Google My Business may risk losing potential sales, business revenue, and important exposure.

Other reasons why you should use Google My Business are:

1. It is Free

A free resource that is created by Google is something no business should miss. No matter the size of your business, big or small, it does not cost anything to set up Google My Business. Therefore, a small size business setup will have access to the same features as the competitors. It does not have the typical free basic feature version and a better-paid version.

Google My Business optimization is easy to use but if you feel you cannot do this on your own, consider hiring a digital agency that employs Google My Business experts. Keeping in mind that the cost of this tool is zero, anyone can sign up today and get access to numerous benefits immediately.

2. It Generates Leads

Did you know that search phrases have changed over the last few years and the phrases like “near me” increased by more than 500 percent? This means that users prefer looking for businesses in their locality instead of having to cover distances to get something done. Individuals look for restaurants, furniture stores, and movie theaters, and much more in their locality.

When users search for business profiles near them, Google usually displays profiles listed on Google My Business. This reason alone is important for you to maintain a profile otherwise, you are losing on potential customers. Users will never know you also exist in their locality. An active digital existence is really important in today’s digital era.

Consider adding Google My Business to your digital marketing strategy in order to generate leads. This can result in getting additional sales. However, the real revenue generates with Google My Business optimization. Keeping an updated profile also adds as a bonus so your customers know about any changes in time due to events like Covid-19 restrictions and others.

3. It Improves Search Result Rankings

Consider Google an ocean of information about the world and when there is too much competition, you need to be seen. Google My Business provides the much-needed visibility your business needs to get a higher chance of making a sale.

The specifications you mention in your Google My Business profile help Google help you get noticed. For example, if you specialize in making office furniture, your business will not appear when a person is looking for kids’ furniture. Google ensures that both the users and the businesses get the best offline and online experience.

Maintaining your Google My Business profile as Google will always favor those that have more user engagement and updated information. A completed picture of your business will help Google prioritize your profile for a relevant search which ultimately, improves your ranking.

Setting up Google My Business

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You can set up your Google My Business profile in four simple steps. They are:

1. Sign Up for an Account

You need to start by claiming your business on Google. If you already have a Google My Business profile for your company and you do not own it, you can claim it. Use this link to get started. If your company is brand new and you do not know where to start, use this link to sign up for Google My Business and create your profile.

2. Enter Business Information

Once the sign-up or the log-in process is complete, enter all business information. Make sure everything is accurate. Enter information like Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Operational Business Hours, and Industry. Go ahead and add images of your business-like logos, offices, stores, restaurants, etc., to entice visitors. Everything helps in connecting the clients with your business.

3. Verify Your Account

This is an important step towards setting up your Google My Business profile. After adding all your information, review it and make sure everything is accurate. Once all is in order, you can verify yourself as the owner of the business.

Verification is done through phone, email, postal mail and Google Search Console. The quickest methods of verification can be done through Google Search Console , but this option only works for those who previously confirmed their business in this tool.

Choosing to verify through email does not take much time either. You will receive a verification code from Google which needs to be entered in Google My Business. In case you opt for the traditional postal mail option, you will get the verification code in 14 days written on a postcard. Consider it a souvenir!

4. Make Routine Updates

Claiming and creating a Google My Business account is the easy part. It does not take much time to get started. However, make sure that you or a team member keeps the profile updated at all times. In case of any changes in the business hours, location, or temporary halt in operations due to renovations, everything should be mentioned.

It is also essential that someone from your team regularly checks for comments and reviews about your business. Interact with them, give them information, and comment on their experiences. This keeps your existing customers happy and attracts new potential ones.

Now, it’s time to talk about Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?

Online businesses rely on digital advertising to reach a larger percentage of the audience. There are many ways to engage the potential buyer and attract them to your website. One of these highly effective methods is the use of Google AdWords.

Google developed AdWords in collaboration with partner sites to help businesses reach a wider part of their target market. Using the search engine and partner sites, keywords play the important role in AdWords. The partner sites host an image or a text ad that will appear when a user types in a keyword or a phrase related to your business.

On the Google search engine, AdWords ads usually appear at a certain location at the top of the right side of the search result pages. It is up to you to choose the right keywords that best explain your line of business and industry. When a user will search using one of these phrases, your business ad will appear. However, you will only pay when the user clicks on your ad, visits your website, or calls your business using the button “click to call”. This is called pay-per-click.

Benefits of AdWords for Ecommerce Businesses

The biggest benefit of using AdWords is that your eCommerce business will have higher website traffic and more people will know about your existence. Nevertheless, other benefits include:

  • Customers are able to link specific keywords and phrases to your online business.
  • Targeting with AdWords means that your ad will follow the customers to other Google websites like YouTube and The New York Times. This helps in reducing the cost-per-click and improves conversion rates.
  • As a business owner, you have the ability to determine which websites can host your ads.
  • You can focus on the target market by narrowing down your geographical reach to specific cities and regions.
  • Google AdWords will identify the individual who is looking for your products and services.
  • AdWords also keeps reminding the users what they previously searched for. This ensures your brand stays in top memory.
  • With AdWords, you can optimize your active digital campaigns and also leverage results. This ensures overall campaign success.

Google AdWords is a great way to help customers reach you faster and the chances of conversion are high. This happens because the user reaches your website in a more customized manner. Unique selling points have been used in marketing since the beginning so include them for better results. This tells the customer why your business is better than the competition.

Every business need SEO optimization for a better eCommerce business. Similarly, SEO Google AdWords works best as part of a well-planned digital campaign.

Google Ads

Google launched its Ads back in 2000 and since then, it has grown into a $95 billion advertising platform. It started as a simple low-cost exchange between businesses to get more leads and increase revenues. However, it has now become a very highly competitive market that is crucial for digital industries. Additionally, it has become much more complicated with time and advertisers need experience in order to meet the challenges of a very complex ecosystem.

Advertisers must use creativity in the ad copy, target with accuracy, use the right extensions, and bid competitively. An individual needs to be an expert to optimize it just right to meet business objectives.

Location Extensions in Google Ads

Google Ads uses a location extension that enables you to show your business location like the address. This increases the chances of someone taking action on the ad. This brings us to the integration of Google My Business to Google AdWords.

Location extensions are a great feature of Google Ads that target customers nearby. Although, they can be used for multiple locations nearby provided that your business has them. This feature enhances the quality score of your ad which results in an increase in click-through rates.

This can be achieved when you link Google My Business to Google AdWords.

Google My Business & Google AdWords

For those who are unsure about what both are, it can get very confusing to understand and use them simultaneously. Both are quite different and equally important tools if you are looking to succeed in your eCommerce business.

Linking both your Google My Business and Google AdWords account is important when you use Google Ads search ads. This helps a potential customer see the consistency of your business and associate your brand with certain keywords and images.

Here is how to link both the accounts:

Step 1

You need to start by checking that the email address registered on both Google My Business and Google AdWords are the same. If you are not sure which email address is associated with your Google My Business, simply log in and go to account settings. In the settings tab, look for the preferred email address on the top in the second section. Once you have located the email address, see is it the same as your Google AdWords email address.

If so, you can continue with step 2. On the other hand, if the email address is different, you will need to add another. Here is how you can do that:

  • Login to Google Ads
  • Navigate to Tools
  • Go to Setup
  • Choose Account Access
  • Click the “+” icon and follow the instructions of adding the email while being the “Admin” user

Step 2

Once you receive the confirmation that Google My Business has access to Google Ads because of Admin user rights, log in to Google Ads. Once you have Google Ads open, navigate to the “Ads and Extension” section and click on the “Extensions” button. This will appear at the top of the screen.

Step 3

This is where you create the location extension by clicking on the “+” icon. Here, choose the location option and a pop-up screen will be displayed. Select your Google My Business account from the drop-down menu and then click continue.

Before clicking “Finish” make sure that all the information is accurate. Review the location and everything else related to your Google My Business profile. Once you are sure everything is in order, finish the task.

And you are all set to use locations associated with your Google Ads account. Understanding both the tools takes time but setting them up is easy. If you are looking for more helpful material on understanding how to link Google My Business to Google AdWords, check out these Google Support Documents.

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How To Link Google My Business To Google AdWords?

Linking both your Google My Business and Google AdWords accounts is a great way to reach the target audience and increase website traffic.

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