How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit? - Step By Step Guide

How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit? - Step By Step Guide

Did you know that online organic traffic derives approximately 40% of the total business revenue? In addition, more than 89 percent of marketers believe that Search Engine Optimization is successful and useful. However, research shows that only 44 percent of brands and businesses use Search Engine Optimization strategies.

In addition, according to HubSpot, only 25 percent of online searchers scroll beyond the first page of Google and other search engines. So, if your business does not rank on the top (first page) of the search engines, you may not reach out to your targeted audience, and they will land on your competitors’ websites.

On the other hand, if your website ranks on the first page of the search engines, your business may receive more clicks, traffic, and in the long run, a rise in the number of sales.

But, what is the procedure to check where your website stands and what improvements need to be made to rank at the top of Google and other search engines? Or, how can you check whether your brand website is reaching the targeted audience or not? 

An Enterprise Search Engine Optimization audit is the key answer to all your questions. The Enterprise SEO audit will assist you in figuring out where your website stands on the search engine results page (SERPs) and what aspects you need to improve or redo. So here, another question pops up; how to do an Enterprise SEO audit?

What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive, well-planned SEO approach for larger enterprises. An Enterprise SEO tactic lines up your brand’s business purposes with the wide-ranging market visions and strengthens brand standing to make the most of influence across your marketing mix.

Additionally, Enterprise Search Engine Optimization is the practice to build SEO strategies that can improve and enhance organic presence and create huge revenue for bigger enterprises. Moreover, Enterprises are known as organizations with more products and services that contain websites with more than a thousand product and category website pages.

These campaigns should be mountable and planned so the business can endure its rankings on Google and other search engines. As a result, enterprise Search Engine Optimization emphasizes three major fragments; Strategic Scope, Keyword Optimization, and Revolution Speed.

Why is Enterprise SEO Important?

Enterprise SEO is significant as the strategies developed for new or emerging businesses may not work for larger organizations. The key tactical difference between both of them is that small businesses characteristically do not look to incorporate competitive short tail terms and phrases. However, enterprises develop a strategy where they can target extremely competitive keywords.

Besides, larger businesses need a dedicated SEO professional to keep check and balance and stand organic rankings on the top of Google and other search engines. In local businesses, the SEO team is also known as the digital marketing team. This team is also responsible for handling social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit?

When conducting an enterprise SEO audit, you must look at several factors. Altogether, Google algorithms contemplate approximately 200 factors when they rank pages on the top. So, if you are concerned about how to do an enterprise SEO audit, let us look at the most important features that your enterprise Search Engine Optimization audit (SEO audit checklist) needs to include.

1. Step Number 01 - Check the Mobile-friendliness Of Your Website

Mobile Search Engine Optimization or mobile-friendliness of the website is now more essential than ever. Here are the reasons for this:

◾ More than 60 percent of the searches on Google and other search engines are done using mobile devices.

◾ Google launched a Mobile-First Indexing Algorithm in 2019.

So this means that Google and other search engine algorithms now utilize your website’s mobile version for desktop and mobile searches. But, how would you know if your enterprise website is friendly for mobile users? The answer is simple: you need to run Google Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which will let you know about the optimization of your website.

2. Step Number 02 – Check Your Website’s Speed

The second most important ranking factor on Google is website load speed. Did you know that decreasing website load time by 0.1 seconds can improve the bounce rate by approximately 8.3 percent? And a few years back, Google launched a new update that makes the enterprise website speed more important.

So, it would be best to clean up your website’s HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code and then run a speed test to check the load time of your website. In addition, you can easily locate your problems, and the speed test will let you know about blockages that slow the website down.

Furthermore, it would help if you lower the size of your images. So, you need to compress your website images with a tool like JPEG Optimizer.

3. Step Number 03 - Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website

It is technically possible to index different versions of your website in Google. For instance, two different versions of a similar website are mentioned below:


◾ https://

Even though both these websites seem similar to Google, these websites would be termed different. However, unless you transmit these variations appropriately, Google algorithms will consider both the websites unconnected. Moreover, it would be best to use 301 redirects to the website version you wish to use.

4. Step Number 04 - Locate and Fix Indexing Problems

The next step in enterprise SEO audit is to look for website pages that Google does not index. To do that, you need help from Google Search Console to check all the details. The Index Coverage report on Google Search Console showcases the list of enterprise website pages that are not indexed for any reason.

Moreover, to double-check that everything on your enterprise website is okay, you can use free SEO checker tools such as Screaming Frog.

5. Step Number 05 - Check Your Website’s Organic Traffic

Once you find and fix indexing problems, you need to see how much organic traffic your website is getting. For that, you need to check your Google Analytics. Then, navigate All Traffic using the Acquisition tab and select Organic Search.

Check the organic traffic from search engines for the last six months. If your traffic increases, your website is moving in the right direction. However, you do not need to worry if you see the traffic going down. This issue can be easily fixed once the SEO audit is completed.

6. Step Number 06 - Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking

The organic traffic can be directed to your enterprise website with keyword rank tracking. The keyword tracking will help you rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Even though there are more than a million keyword rank tracking tools, you can choose any of them, such as SEMrush.

SEMrush is considered one of the best keyword tracking tools as it spontaneously locates keywords that your website page is ranking for.

7. Step Number 7 - Fix Broken Links

A couple of years ago, Google stated that the Google algorithms do not rank broken links. According to Google, broken links create bad user experiences. However, these broken links are known to hurt your SEO strategy.

So, with that, the best way to fix the broken links on your enterprise website is mentioned below:

◾ Locate the pages whose links are broken on your website that the Google algorithm is not able to index. You can locate this information in the Index Report on Google Search Console.

◾ Now, use a free or paid broken link checker tool to locate your website’s broken internal and external links.

In addition, sometimes, you delete a page mistakenly or for a specific reason. These pages do not need to be dealt with as the Google algorithms will ultimately stop reporting the following pages as broken. However, the problem starts when Google algorithms cannot access a page that you are looking to rank. You need to back up the website page as soon as possible.

8. Step Number 08 - Use a Website Audit Tool

If you are looking to dive deep into the technical aspect of the SEO, or if you are looking to conduct a thorough audit of your website, it is recommended to use an SEO audit tool such as SEObility, SEMrush, etc.


Performing an enterprise SEO audit may seem difficult. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, it won’t be overwhelming. The steps mentioned above will take a maximum of two hours. Moreover, it would be best if you kept in mind that SEO does not turn things in the blink of an eye; it takes time before you can see results.

In addition, a comprehensive enterprise Search Engine Optimization audit is the first step to climbing in the Google and other search engine rankings. Hundreds of enterprises have gone through an enterprise SEO audit. Still, they lack the resources, planning, and strategies to resolve the audit issues affecting their search engine rankings.

However, for a perfect enterprise SEO audit and to fix all the SEO problems for your enterprise, you can reach out to one of the best SEO agencies in the USA, Rank Top SEO. We provide many Search Engine Optimization services, including detailed enterprise SEO audits.

We will help you with enterprise SEO and perform a detailed SEO audit such as website analytics, building backlinking and fixing broken links, and wide-ranging competitor research. Reach out to Rank Top SEO today to schedule an enterprise SEO audit and achieve the search engine rankings your business requires!

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How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit? - Step By Step Guide

If you are finding answers to how to do an enterprise SEO audit, here is a step by step guide to rank your enterprise website on the top of search engines.

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