How to Add a User to Google Search Console to Grant Access?

How to Add a User to Google Search Console to Grant Access?

Demand for SEO is steadily increasing each passing second. The contemporary digitalized world comes with intense competition and a fight for distinguishing your business to capture more of the market. Thus, this calls for a need for a professional SEO agency to incorporate the finest tools and enhance your firm's online presence.

So, as you hire SEO services in the USA, all of them require complete access to your Google search console. That helps them determine what areas to focus on to ensure an improvement of your website's ranking.

Search Console (GSC), formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool, is a vital tool for every tech-enabled firm. The platform acts as a valuable resource for all marketing professionals, developers and designers, entrepreneurs, and SEO marketing companies.

It's used to track the website's performance and how successful it is in attracting the desired traffic. In short, GSC helps in optimizing the web performance and identifying the website's shortcomings.

Using GSC is crucial if you're operating in today's fast-tracked global village. There are three key reasons why:


Site crawling refers to the procedure Google uses to find out the publicly available online pages. Google uses its web crawlers and then generates an index to look up the keywords users type and show the most relevant websites on the result page.

This is a feature that enables firms and SEO campaign developers in keyword analysis. They can use the crawling options from GSC to see what their audience is searching for and include those keywords in their content creation.

In addition, GSC helps businesses identify all hurdles that stop their site from appearing in top searches. For example, the Crawl Problems page in Search Console displays all of the detected issues as the crawlers attempted to visit your web pages. Pinpointing the blockages assists your SEO marketing company in taking timely curative measures.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you in-depth real-time insights into how well your site is functioning. GSC allows you to view your Search Console data in your Google Analytics reports. The integrating feature enables you to save all of your most essential website data in one location. That allows you to gather and view much more comprehensive data and a complete picture of your site's performance

So, whereas Google Analytics shows you the overall amount of user searches for a specific term throughout the internet, Search Console shows you the most critical keywords Google discovered on your site.

While Google Analytics can tell you whether or not your site visitors convert, Search Console can assist you in figuring out why they did or did not.

Because Search Console does extra data processing to deal with problems like duplicate content and robot visits,

Your metrics may differ from those reported by other sources (like Google Analytics).

Needless to say, all of this information is critical to run your marketing campaign smoothly.

Since SEO services in the USA are very competitive and every company has their SEO optimized through different techniques, you must have a centralized version of these two tools to get the best organic traffic and trackability.

Compatibility for mobile platform

In 2015, Google released the updates for mobile platforms that enable users to track their website's performance on smartphones. They allow you to determine how mobile-friendly your website is and plan for strategies to boost adaptability even more if required.

Mobile-friendliness is the key to gaining an edge and capturing more market compared to your competitors. Plus, it also raises your site's position on the search engine result page, making it one of the most sought-after SEO services in the USA.

The updates have helped organizations evaluate how optimal their sites are if used in different gadgets and their impact on attracting more organic traffic.

The mobile usability report lists down areas for improvement and analyzes the implemented changes to overcome the problems. In addition, the mobile-friendly test run helps the site owners to test the site on mobile instantaneously, highlighting the website's live performance. GSC even generates reports addressing all the factors limiting or slowing the loading speed of the website on the mobile.

How to Add a User to Google Search Console?

Adding users to the Search Console is a straightforward procedure. However, before offering the admin access to a third party, you must double-check that you've given your account the correct rights. In addition, you must also ensure that you've limited people to the precise tasks they are responsible for doing or need to do.

The options and their authority levels are:

Owner- The owner controls almost all the data and further permissions to add or remove any other users. Make sure the authoritative one remains the owner.

Full User - If someone else manages your website's SEO, they'll need this level of access. They will still be under the owner's shadow and will need permission to edit or remove addresses.

Restricted User- The user is only able to view data but isn't able to edit it.

Associate- They can only view specific data and can perform limited tasks only

So, as for how to add a user to the google search console, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

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1. Login to your GSC account

Log in to your GSC account or sign up first if you don't have an account in the first place. As you sign in, click on the top-left dropdown menu and select the website to which you need to give access. That ensures you're on the right search console as well.

2.Navigate to Users and permissions

Next, click on the Settings option from your web properties. The settings screen gives you property settings which include "Users and Permissions." Expand the option of "Users and Permissions."

3. Click the "Add User" Button

After expanding the users and permission option, you'll see the option of "Add User" in the right corner of the page. Select that.

4. Add your New User by Providing Email and Permission Level

As you go to the add user option, a pop-up screen opens where you need to add the email address you want to give access to. Below is the permission level you want to assign to the third party. You can either select full or restricted, as per your requirements.

5. Click "Add"

Select add, and now, you've added a user to your GSC account successfully. Now, your SEO agency can offer its optimal SEO services in the USA to ensure successful results.

Why Give Your SEO Agency Admin Access to Your GSC?

If firms want to boost their marketing efforts and get desired results, they should have a GSC account and hire an SEO marketing company and give access to your GSC to them too.

Today's marketing has surpassed traditional advertising and is now beyond the "selling your product" theory. Conventional marketing now incorporates essential components like digital and interactive marketing that builds long-lasting customer relationships.

Attracting traffic is more dependent on technology to develop your product and enhance its design and performance. Awareness, branding, search engine result page (SERP) rankings have all caused SEO services in the USA to experience a sharp rise.

Having an SEO marketing company has now become a long-term investment. Platforms like GSC are outshining and enabling firms to reach new milestones as they cater to the evolving marketing analytic needs. The agencies use GSC to use site crawlers, analytics and run tests to monitor the progress of their SEO campaigns and your website growth.

Having access to your GSC also helps your SEO marketing company to detect your site's weak points so they could take prompt actions and fill the voids. That is why you must add your SEO agency to your GSC right away. You can follow the steps on "How to add a user to google search console"; mentioned above and give rights to the agency so they could offer their best SEO services in the USA.


Search Console is an essential component for every firm to make use of. It offers numerous benefits- which is why it's one of the must-use platforms for every SEO marketing company. From evaluating the quality of the content to keyword analysis, the search console highlights all SEO services in the USA.

That is why your SEO marketing company needs to have full admin access to the search console and improve their SEO campaign to the finest. Adding your SEO agency isn't a complex procedure if you know how to add a user to the google search console in the first place.

Once your SEO marketing company has access to your search console, they can then monitor and recover all the issues that hinder your site from operating optimally.

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How to Add a User to Google Search Console to Grant Access?

As you hire SEO services in the USA, all of them require complete access to your Google search console. That helps them determine what areas to focus on to ensure an improvement of your website’s ranking.

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