Boost Your Traffic with Enterprise SaaS SEO

Boost Your Traffic with Enterprise SaaS SEO

The digital industry has become highly competitive but companies that operate in the software as a service (SaaS) sector are on another level. The SaaS niche thrives through digital outreach alone; to reach a new customer base and stay connected with the current ones.

Due to the strong competition in the SaaS industry, companies need consistency in their online efforts, especially if you are an enterprise company. Digital advertising is the only way to generate better leads and prevent the customers from going to a rival.

Why Do SaaS Companies Need an SEO Strategy?

Like every other digital business, SaaS businesses need to rely on SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Enterprise SaaS SEO is all about having a holistic and strategic approach to search engine optimization. All your business goals will align with Enterprise SaaS SEO to ensure that a broader market opportunity is attracted. Additionally, this reinforces your brand reputation to have the maximum impact across all marketing campaigns.

SEO is a complete package that ensures your brand performs well on SERPs and enterprise SEO services can help you with that. Like all other businesses, the aim is to get leads and have users find your content and services. The higher the ranking of your website, the more website traffic you will generate. Several factors determine the ranking of a webpage. Google uses an algorithm operated by AI to determine the ranking of online content. Some factors include:

  • User Engagement: how much time does a user spend on your web pages? Do they engage or simply view them and leave?
  • Link Profile: the quality of backlinks and the organization of your internal links.
  • Content: the material on your website in addition to its value to the viewers, and readers.
  • Domain Authority: how relevant is your website content to your industry? Google now evaluates businesses based on their expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

These include easy navigation, engaging content, and user-friendliness of your website.

These are some of the most crucial ranking factors for Google. A complete SaaS SEO strategy is a lot more involved in terms of complexity. Therefore, it takes time and expertise, especially if you are dealing with an enterprise business. However, if done right, it is worth the time and effort for the following reasons.

Growth That Can Be Predicted & Scaled

Unlike other digital marketing strategies, SEO is often predictable. However, calculating the exact percentage of website traffic is impossible since no two posts and web pages are the same. Nevertheless, the trends and patterns in search traffic can give a broad idea. If you have enough analytics experience, you can predict the results of an SEO strategy. It is the reason why many businesses choose to hire enterprise SEO services.

1.Weekly Organic Traffic Predictions

The organic traffic you get for your website through SEO can give you exponential results. As you continue doing SEO, everything adds up for a greater benefit soon. It is because every step builds upon the previous action you have undertaken. Moreover, this is true for an enterprise business since you are dealing with thousands of web pages. This way, your website traffic is better targeted leading to higher conversion rates.

2. Standing Out

SaaS companies, especially enterprise businesses are seeing a steep rise in their market value, which leads us to two conclusions:

  • It is the industry growing in terms of investment. So, either invest in a SaaS company or build one.
  • It is and will continue to be highly competitive!

So how can you stand out from other businesses in the industry?

Keep in mind that it will take time and effort to stand out in this saturated industry. Using the best content strategy is not enough to make your software look appealing – unless of course, your competition is on page 2 on Google search.

The secret is in adopting the entirety of an SEO plan. This is where enterprise SEO services come in handy. This is not just about looking for the right keywords and using the most efficient web design. A careful combination of everything is the key to standing out in the SaaS enterprise company competition.

3. Using & Promoting on Other Marketing Channels

A good SEO campaign is a middle point from where other activities can begin. All SEO efforts ultimately feed your enterprise marketing efforts. Using all platforms and activities that can be a point for lead generation is essential and part of a well-rounded SEO plan. Any enterprise SEO services will agree, but you can start at your end.

Email marketing is one such promotional activity that can get you many targeted leads. Additionally, producing high-quality content for SEO is beneficial in several ways. A good piece of write-up that has several internal and external links and adds value for the readers in terms of information is great. Links are highly beneficial if you have an enterprise business. Your social media team can use it to promote on different channels. A keyword enriched content will also rank your website higher.

SaaS SEO optimization is the complete optimization process of your enterprise company website. This transforms everything your company does into pieces of high quality that can be used effectively in content marketing strategies.

4. Improving Customer Relationships

When you are in the service industry, whether big or small, the aim is to ensure an excellent customer experience. SaaS companies are no different when it comes to building and maintaining customer relationships. One part of a smooth experience is your customers getting access to important data related to your software. This is possible when you optimize all your website data making it easier for users to find.

All the information available to them should also be easy for them to understand. Content available should also have the tips they need to use the software to its full potential. This will convert your website into a marketing channel in itself. Simply by improving your SaaS SEO, you are telling your customers that your enterprise business puts them first.

5. Long-Lasting Cost-Efficiency

If you, like many others, believe that organic SEO for SaaS is not organic after all, you are right. The cost for SEO optimization of an enterprise is not a small amount. However, the return on investment is high and all the efforts are long-lasting.

As mentioned before, the impact of SEO is seen in an enterprise business in the long run as every step adds up to the next. The ROI in this case also increases with time as the first SEO efforts will be slow in showing results. Your first content will not be enough to result in a higher ranking on Google. Similarly, as your efforts continue, the cost of increasing website traffic decreases.

This when compared to several other acquisition channels like PPC is the opposite. In PPC, the results are better in the beginning but in the long run, the costs are higher. Buying ads for a higher volume to cash over lower competition keywords.

The ROI is worth every penny and effort but the trick is taking it slow and doing it right. Consider acquiring enterprise SEO services to help you save time and money on trial and error. When it comes to enterprise business, it can be overwhelming due to the volume of web pages and content.

Now that we know why a successful SEO strategy is important to grow a SaaS business, the next step is building a plan. It all starts with understanding the search intent of your enterprise company.

Search Intent - Types of Google Searches

A Google search is the most common thing in today’s digital world. Every single internet user uses it to look for different things in life. We have all taken Google search for granted and life may seem incomplete without its presence. While organic searches are essential for your SEO strategy, do not forget about searchers. This is what usually happens when companies plan their SEO.

Never forget that there is a real person behind every search query and so understanding why a person would search for certain things is equally important. This is called search intent. It is as important as keywords, search volumes for keywords, and even click-through rates.

Users typing a phrase in Google are looking for something and depending on Google to work on their behalf. Google digs up content and data that precisely meets their needs and this is a game-changer. The type of search intent plays an essential part in how your content is designed or phrased so Google can dig up content from your enterprise company website and serve its user.

Therefore, understanding search intent is highly important for Enterprise SaaS SEO, and to begin this, let us look at four types of search intent.


People head to Google looking for new information or get answers. Such queries are straightforward like “What is SaaS?” Often, the queries may be longer like “Is SaaS profitable in the near future?” Such a query is still looking for information but the only difference between the two is that the second one is a long-tail keyword.

Long-tail keywords help users and Google as well to narrow the searches and target content that accurately meets the needs of the searcher. Using long-tail keywords in your website content is more likely to rank higher since the search is narrowed down.

Utilizing enterprise SEO services helps your enterprise business to show up higher on Google searches. This is because they are experts in incorporating high-ranking keywords in your content.


Users often know where they want to go on the web but do not have the exact URL. The user will type in something like “XYZ SaaS Company” and the official website will show up. A simple click and the user are redirected to what he or she was initially looking for.


Google is also a marketplace where people have a transactional search intent. They search on Google looking for a product or a service they already know about and simply want to make the purchase. These search queries are usually like "Buy XYZ software for enterprises".

Such users are not looking for information about software or enterprises, but simply want to make the purchase. If your enterprise company makes it to the top three in search rankings, the chances of conversion become higher.


This is a combination of transactional and informational searches. Usually, this is done when a person has the information and wants to make a purchase but is not sure how to buy from it.

The search queries will have the “vs” term mentioned.

Here, people may look for opinions or comparisons between two companies. Pros and cons are usually the best way here to drive a user to make a decision. Using this investigational search intent to their advantage, marketing teams can cash on the opportunity to declare their service as the best while making a sale.

Now, let us look at why SEO for enterprises can be overwhelming. To begin with, there are thousands of pages on your site! An enterprise company faces the challenges of carrying out successful SEO with Google constantly relocating the goalposts. It can get hazy to understand where to start.

Doing SEO for SaaS already has its challenges. Now, if your SaaS business is an enterprise company, it can be a lot more challenging. If you are unsure and would rather have a professional handle the SEO while focusing on other business aspects, consider incorporating enterprise SEO services to do the job.

What Is Enterprise SaaS SEO?

Well, it is exactly like the normal search engine optimization as carried out by all types and sizes of businesses, but on a larger scale. Enterprise SaaS SEO deals with the optimization of thousands of web pages. Imagine a SaaS company like Salesforce that has millions of pages online and each one needs to be optimized. Feeling dizzy? It’s normal.

However, like everything else, creative human beings have come up with ways to simplify the ginormous task at hand and run a successful Enterprise SaaS SEO. Expert knowledge about SEO is not enough when it comes to high volume. The trick lies in strategy and creative thinking.

Why Do You Need Enterprise SEO?

Organic searches lead to generating consistent revenue and not cashing out such an opportunity is a shame. It is only possible when you do enterprise SEO for your SaaS Company the right way. The optimization of most of your web pages allows customers to find you and make a purchase.

The way SEO is done today is different from how it was done previously. In a matter of a few years, companies have shifted from using black hat tactics that were always shady, to begin with. Google has also played an important role in setting its guideline that ensures justice and fairness for everyone.

This is being reflected in how big companies are highly investing in SEO. One study shows that about 26.7% of SEO professionals are allocating over $20,000 each month for the sole purpose of using SEO tactics. This is the reason why most professionals use enterprise SEO services to ensure that every dollar has a high return.

However, the lack of strategy and SEO goals, every SEO campaign can fail hard. The following ways can help you avoid all failures and do your Enterprise SaaS SEO the right way.

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Sitewide SEO Auditing

As is the case with every SEO campaign, it starts with an audit of the entire website. Similarly, an Enterprise SaaS SEO also includes an audit that looks at the backend of all web pages, links, loading speeds, and mobile adaptability. These factors play an important role in improving search engine ranking.

A website audit will allow you to see which web pages need urgent attention and which can be put off for later. Broken links, missing Metadata, and other such technicalities can be identified with a site-wide SEO audit.

Organic Keyword Review

An organic keyword review will give you an idea of which keywords are performing well and which ones need editing. Similar to a site-wide audit, consider this a keyword audit. This will give you an overview of which keywords are bringing what kind of users and from where. Using Google Search Console Data for organic keyword review is a good option. Look for results that show you:

  • Which keywords perform the best and attract visitors to your website.
  • Which keywords attract the highest number of impressions. This will prove that it is a popular search term.
  • What is the ranking position of your pages and keywords? If it’s not page one, it is time for optimization.

Content Expansion

When an enterprise has thousands of web pages it means that the content is not enough for all web pages. Some pages may have content that is filled to the brim with useful information while others have droplets. At this stage, it is wise to pick out pages that have the tendency to perform well keeping in mind search engine queries and search intent.

Using a helpful tool like DeepCrawl, you can determine which pages can have more useful content. Once you know which pages will give you better results, start filling them up with useful and engaging content.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Turns out that you can use your competition on Google to your advantage. Companies that are similar to yours are all trying to reach the top of search engine rankings like you. Doing a thorough competitor analysis will help you understand your benchmark and see where you stand in the SaaS industry. One such useful technique is their keyword research and analysis.

Start the segmentation by analyzing how they use the keywords. Look for things such as:

  • Which keywords do they rank highest for?
  • Which keywords do they rank most for, and?
  • Which keywords do they use the most?
  • Also, look at how they change their keywords to meet any trends.

Start Small with Optimization

This is where the overwhelming part starts when it comes to enterprise SEO particularly because you have to manage thousands of web pages. You have to organize pages that need more content, pages that need less content, and the pages screaming for help. Getting organized is one thing, doing it can look like a daunting task. Therefore, it is best to start small and measure success with baby steps.

You can begin with the optimization of elements on web pages that immediately impact your SEO rankings. Things like the page title, description, and body text. Once this is completed throughout the site, you can focus on pages that need new content. This way, you can continue with your mission of Enterprise SaaS SEO.

Consistently Create Content

There is no better feeling than completing a daunting task and singing off from the task. However, once you have freshened up most of the web pages on the website, it is time to stay active and continue to create new content. Enterprise SEO does not sleep and so it demands new content consistently.

Google has several ranking factors and consistent fresh content on web pages is the biggest one. It also helps you to continue working on your Enterprise SaaS SEO strategy. New content does not need to be complicated. Think about creative ways to stay active and be seen. Write content that is unique to your company and answers your audience’s queries.

Internal Linking

While external linking is usually the priority for many SEO professionals, internal linking is very important for enterprise SEO. Because there are so many web pages, it is important to use internal links to create a strong overall structure of the enterprise online.


An enterprise SaaS needs growing online traffic for guaranteed success. The more awareness people have about your brand and products, the better for your overall business. A complete Enterprise SaaS SEO is where the journey starts and if done right, acquisitions are most likely to follow. Website traffic will increase tenfold and a success story will be in the making.

SaaS SEO takes time, investment, and effort. Even more so for Enterprise SaaS SEO. Keep in mind that every step of the journey should have your target market in focus while everything else is tailored accordingly. Map out your buyer’s journey and create baits every step of the way.

This will help you create segments for your SaaS SEO funnel that concentrates on every stage of the journey. Good research on what your prospective customer wants and then use the information to create optimized content. Searcher's intent will play an important role during your research. Every webpage should be an answer to what your user is searching for on Google.

Another important factor for good SEO is backlinks. You will need to organize an outreach program where you look for reliable and authoritative URLs and get backlinks from them. This will greatly improve your Enterprise SaaS SEO. Asking brands and other websites of your industry for links can be daunting but it truly is an art form. However, do not forget that backlinks help both parties.

So here is everything you need to know about Enterprise SaaS SEO. One thing to keep in mind is that the SEO landscape is constantly changing with Google updating its terms of use for both businesses and users.

Staying at the top of the game and maintaining that spot is hard work. It is overwhelming and may seem like it will never end. The easiest course of action is to break it down into smaller chunks and work on establishing a long-term SEO strategy.

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