The Effective SaaS SEO Guide: Skyrocket Your Organic Leads

The Effective SaaS SEO Guide: Skyrocket Your Organic Leads

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is taking significant leaps with each passing year. Research suggests that 93% of the companies already have a SaaS strategy while 85% of the SMBs are considering it in 2023.

The growing acceptance around SaaS is driving enterprises towards other critical challenges, one of which is ‘bringing SaaS solutions to a potential customer’s reach’. Search Engine Optimization has emerged as a viable solution to this challenge.

This article briefly talks about SaaS SEO guide, followed by a detailed guide to help businesses skyrocket organic leads.

What is SaaS SEO?

Understanding SaaS SEO services or SaaS marketing is vital in order to execute its strategies for lead acquisition. The concept entails optimizing your applications or software solutions for notable search engines to enable your potential customers to find you online.

SaaS SEO Guide

Optimizing software solutions is the same as optimizing a basic website for Google crawlers, however, the route to strategy building and execution is slightly different. This guide will help users develop the most effective SEO strategy for SaaS in order to acquire organic leads. Let’s begin!

What Do You Aim To Achieve?

The first step in developing your SEO for SaaS strategy is to determine the goals you aim to achieve with SaaS SEO services. The simplest way to do this is by allocating a realistic rate of increase to your potential leads through different platforms. For instance, you can plan to increase:

  • Monthly sign-ups by X %
  • Website traffic by X%

An increase in both of these will eventually reflect as an increase in your leads. Now that your goals are set, you can define key parameters that will trigger this increase.

SaaS SEO parameters to focus on for lead generation:

  • Content – development of blogs, articles, PRs, and more, with backlinks
  • Technical SEO – Follow the SEO best practices to help in building your XML sitemap (and eventually rank your app higher on search engines.)

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These parameters will allow you to increase the rate of monthly sign-ups and website traffic (the goals you set in your previous step.)

Determine Keywords

Whether it is SEO for SaaS or optimization of an ecommerce website, finding the right keywords is the first step to improve organic leads.

How to do keyword research for an application?

Turn to Google AdWords or a tool of your choice to start. These tools will help you identify the keywords people are using to look up similar software solutions online. You will also be able to identify the number of times a particular keyword is used by your potential audience.

Once you have the keywords for your software, go manual – insert them into Google and track the list of LSI keywords (google search bar mentions them upon insertion of a keyword/you can access them from the bottom of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Use LSI keywords to further magnify your search and pick the best keywords upon which you want your software or application to rank. The key here is to combine high-ranking keywords with the ones that are not as competitive (not many SaaS SEO services are ranking on them).

Once you have finalized the keywords that you want to use in your content and backend SEO processes, it is time to execute them.

The Execution Phase

The post-keyword research phase is about creating authoritative content by using the shortlisted keywords. This on-page content should provide value to your readers, addressing their concerns, and providing solutions to their pain points.

Most SaaS SEO services make this content informational, enabling their users to better understand their service or application. Although providing answers to your readers is essential for good on-page copies, backlinking is another aspect that has a lot of weight in SEO-optimized content for SaaS.

Backlinking requires a great deal of strategy to identify the areas of your application where you want to drive the traffic. Adding internal links also increases the weight of your content, allowing it to rank higher on search engine results.

To put it in a nutshell, place the selected keywords naturally within your content, make sure that it provides unique information to the readers, and create a strategically places web through backlinks and a strong call-to-action to trigger the need to make a decision. If done right, your readers would become qualified leads.

However, SEO for SaaS doesn’t finish here.

Technical SEO – Creating an XML sitemap

XML sitemaps refer to structured codes that are written at the back-end. The purpose of an XML file is to serve Google crawlers by telling them that your on-page content has the best solutions for a potential reader online. In other words, a well-addressed XML code can help your page index higher on SERPs.

What is your role here?

You can use platforms like YoastSEO and WordPress to generate XML codes for your page automatically. XML files contain the structure of your websites and the content within. Each website has multiple XML files, each of which contains data, including information about updates and references within your content.

SaaS SEO Consultants providing SaaS SEO services can also prepare XML files manually but that is a tedious process and is often avoided. These XML files are then fed to Google crawlers allowing them to find and access the entire website’s structure. The easier you make it for crawlers, the higher are your chances to engage readers.

What Happens Next?

Once you have the content produced and the on-page and back-end optimization in place, you become visible to your target audience online amidst all the competitors. Then it comes down to your SaaS SEO processes and the quality of content to engage that traffic, and turn them into organic leads.

In a nutshell, a well-structured approach to SEO for SaaS will allow you to enjoy higher traffic, significantly increasing your chances of producing qualified leads.

Having trouble with SEO for SaaS? Contact our SaaS SEO services team today and spike your organic leads. You can also follow us for more blogs on optimization for SERPs.

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