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BigCommerce, known as ecommerce for a new era, is the platform behind bigger brands. This means it is a platform for buying or selling products electronically. From content marketing to link building, On-page SEO, to technical SEO, the BigCommerce SEO experts at Rank Top SEO will boost each and every aspect of your BigCommerce SEO program. In addition, we also offer growth marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

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Transparency and a Certified
BigCommerce SEO Strategy

Some Search Engine Optimization agencies will make you believe SEO is a magical illusion. However, Rank Top SEO, a BigCommerce SEO Agency, is transparent about the method and believes transparency is important to building a successful campaign.

Moreover, the BigCommerce SEO experts will share informative resources, tricks, and tips and exactly demonstrate the BigCommerce SEO process. In addition, we will let you know what we do and how we exactly do it.


Schema & Microdata

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) describes what a webpage consists of and is too comprehensive to signify contextual and precise data. The HTML tags classify the web page’s header, sub-header, or paragraph.

Using HyperText Markup Language, you can identify where a link or a picture has been inserted. Moreover, HTML helps to consolidate lists and tables. On the other hand, it does not signify the content of the web page, which is a problem for E-commerce site owners.

The SEO specialists at Rank Top SEO will develop the content of your website page more precisely and fulfil all the essentials, including Microdata optimization that can help you appear in the top results in SERPs.


Meta Descriptions
& Page Titles

Meta titles, meta descriptions, and page titles are the major factors to drive traffic on E-commerce sites. The page titles are clickable links, and meta descriptions are the text beneath it that appears when you search for a query on Google or other search engines.

In addition, it is essential to make sure the BigCommerce website has a discrete page title and meta description. However, it is important to create a title related to the content on that page.

The SEO professionals at Rank Top SEO will develop the page titles, meta description, and other content that can help you get on top of SERPs.


Get More Conversions & Sales With BigCommerce SEO

Rank Top SEO is a professional BigCommerce SEO agency with a team of highly competent Search Engine Optimization professionals. Moreover, we would love to discuss the design and implementation process of the BigComerce SEO services for your E-commerce store to enhance your marketing and sales to meet your business goals. In addition, the BigCommerce SEO experts at Rank Top SEO will convert your website into a high-transforming machine as soon as possible by:

  • Creating a Long-Term Profit Strategy

  • Diversifying Online Digital Traffic

  • Enhancing & Boosting Brand Visibility

  • Attracting Targeted Audience

  • Building a User-Friendly Website Experience

  • Increasing Sales Revenue

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Get More Conversions & Sales
					With BigCommerce SEO

What BigCommerce SEO Services Includes?

BigCommerce SEO Services

  • Full-Service BigCommerce Website Analysis

At Rank Top SEO, we know audits are scary when you are discussing taxes. However, our audits and examinations are positive. The in-depth website analysis is a part of our intensive process. We use audits to assemble and structure the ongoing Search Engine Optimization campaign.

The in-depth website analysis helps the BigCommerce SEO experts at Rank Top SEO check the current SEO strategy and the performance and insights of the SEO campaign currently running on the website, so they can develop a new custom strategy and improve the problems present on the website.

  • BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization Audits

An in-depth crawl analysis begins to determine prospects to enhance your Search Engine Optimization strategy. At Rank Top SEO, we use numerous practices to run an all-inclusive contextual and technical Search Engine Optimization audit cycle to develop an action plan for your brand website to grow.

  • BigCommerce On-Page Search Engine Optimization

From minor details such as meta title naming settlements to metadata details such as meta descriptions, BigCommerce on-page Search Engine Optimization is difficult. Moreover, these small details can create a huge impact on Google and other search engine rankings dramatically. The on-page SEO process at Rank Top SEO is intended to boost your BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization, which can impact your sales.

  • BigCommerce Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Like on-page Search Engine Optimization, off-page SEO is equally important. The activities that drive awareness are key to off-page BigCommerce SEO strategy., from mentions to articles and podcasts to backlinks. We will help you generate new backlinks with proper anchors, building trust and credibility with Google and other search engines and enhancing your rankings in SERPs.

  • Optimization for Mobiles & Tablets

Google algorithms rate the websites higher that are well optimized for mobile and tablets. BigCommerce SEO necessitates appropriate optimization for various devices. As the name specifies, mobile Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is suitable for mobile and tablet users.

However, if your BigCommerce store is not optimized for mobile users, visitors or consumers may find it difficult to find and procure the products you offer. This will eventually lead to bad SEO results and a negative image for Google algorithms.

  • BigCommerce PPC Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing are part of the support for BigCommerce SEO customers at Rank Top SEO. As one of the biggest SEO agencies, we also offer excessively optimized Pay-per-click campaigns through Google Ads, Google Shopping, Instagram, and other PPC platforms.

Go Beyond On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines use more than 150 ranking factors to rank landing pages of different websites. However, BigCommerce offers standard on-page SEO tools to rank your website at the top. The BigCommerce SEO experts at Rank Top SEO will help the customers maximize these on-page SEO factors and then go beyond to surge the impact of Search Engine Optimization.

In addition, the BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization professionals at Rank Top SEO will benefit from in-built structures. They will use them to enhance the meta titles and descriptions that can help your brand rank at the top of the search engine results page.

Moreover, this will also help you increase your website’s organic traffic and drive the customers that are looking for the product or service your brand offers.

However, unlike other platforms, BigCommerce SEO comes with its share of limitations and a marginal provision around Search Engine Optimization features.

But, the BigCommerce SEO experts at Rank Top SEO are aware of the possibilities of handling these technical limitations. In addition, the users can intensify on-page Search Engine Optimization efforts with an expertly designed SEO strategy to benefit from the limitations. Moreover, it would be best if you also remembered that SEO is ever-changing and will continue to evolve over time.

Pay Per Click vs Search Engine Optimization for BigCommerce

Pay-Per-Click or PPC includes paid marketing or advertising to appear on the top of the search results on Google and other search engines. While several BigCommerce websites unveil and instantaneously use a PPC strategy to enhance the brand’s visibility, pay-per-click costs continue to increase and become more expensive.

However, pay-per-click is a non-equity advertising platform combined with expensive costs. Once you stop paying for the positioning you earlier wanted, your BigCommerce site disappears from the top of search results.

According to a study on buyer personas and actions, pay-per-click only receives 20 percent of all search engine visitors (looking for a brand). However, the remaining 80 percent of the visitors prefer organic search results, which can be achieved through the Search Engine Optimization channel.

So, investing in Search Engine Optimization will help you attain web authority and justice that will help your business create sustainable growth. In contrast, pay-per-click is only a temporary and quick fix. Rank Top SEO supports BigCommerce businesses with BigCommerce SEO Agency expertise in:

  • Technical Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Creation

  • Backlinks

  • Technical Search Engine Optimization

Technical Search Engine Optimization is optimizing things such as headers, page titles, meta titles, and meta descriptions. Optimizing these factors can help you improve crawl effectiveness that, can help get your landing pages indexed by Google algorithms and rank them on the top of SERPs.

  • Content Creation

Content creation is key to BigCommerce SEO. Producing keyword-optimized content on your landing pages, supporting blogs, videos, help site pages, and other pages is an important SEO technique. Content is important as it guides the prospects and Google algorithms about your business and classifies the authority and relevance of your website.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are the backbone of the Search Engine Optimization strategy. Moreover, they are key to building permanency in search rankings. Of the 150+ factors that influence Google and other search engine algorithms, inbound link account for approximately 50 percent.

In addition, inbound links build authority and relationships back to your website, so it is vital to have top-quality backlinks pointing back to your brand’s website.

BigCommerce Store Ranking

We at Rank Top SEO take our customers seriously and guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Moreover, the following are the aspects that we focus on when we look to optimize the SEO of your BigCommerce store:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

At rank Top SEO, we emphasize driving new organic traffic and leveraging your existing organic traffic. In addition, we utilize a mixture of several tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other techniques to evaluate your sales funnel.

  • Security

The most important thing you require for your BigCommerce store is security so you can be counted on as a credible source. So, we will make sure that you have all the security certificates that the website needs, such as HTTPS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BigCommerce SEO works when you optimize several factors for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO from your website to help maintain and achieve top rankings within the Search Engine Results Page. In addition, it includes optimizing titles, images, keywords, meta descriptions, website load speed, etc., achieving great results. Rank Top SEO, a BigCommerce SEO agency, will ensure that your brand’s BigCommerce SEO is the best and that you rank on top of SERPs without PPC marketing.

Some people believe BigCommerce is not good for SEO due to its limitations. However, as with all other platforms, Search Engine Optimization takes work, and professionals can solve these common limitations at Rank Top SEO.

In addition, SEO does not produce results overnight and takes its fair share of time. BigCommerce lets you create SEO-friendly URLs for all your services and products, and optimizing the descriptions of each product and service in the platform for SEO is easy.

Moreover, BigCommerce SEO lets you control and edit all the necessary factors, such as the name of the product, user-friendly optimized URLs, and the alt text for the images of the products and services.

BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization enhances the quality and quantity of organic traffic coming to your online store from Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines. Moreover, the Search Engine Optimization features offered by BigCommerce are considered robust and powerful enough to feature you on the top of SERPs.

At Rank Top SEO, the BigCommerce SEO experts use Yoast and Rank Math for all sorts of BigCommerce SEO. In addition, we will help you create a brand identity, optimize keyword-specific content, and create user-friendly meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.