What are the Best SEO Tools for Small Business?

What are the Best SEO Tools for a Small Business?

Search engine optimization is for every online business. Be it a big company or a small one, every type of business can benefit from SEO. When comparing small businesses with big enterprises, the tools differ. This difference could be a result of resources or even the needs of the business.

Regardless, every business can reap the benefits of SEO tools. Essentially, small businesses are much easier to optimize with SEO tools as compared to bigger-sized enterprises. A better quality of SEO tools means a higher number of visitors to your website.

Keeping in mind the available resources, this article includes a list of some of the best free SEO tools for small businesses. Moreover, if the business allocates a bigger budget to achieve certain objectives, we have included some paid tools as well. Both the options are great investments for SEO optimization which leads to higher conversion rates and more traffic.

Let’s look at the free small business SEO tools first.

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Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Screaming frog SEO spider does justice to its name and is a sure-shot option for small businesses. This crawler performs basic audits for your website for free. There is also a paid version which is perfect for large companies that require more work. The free version produces a 500-page audit that is enough for small businesses to identify errors and fix them.

Screaming frog is great for the optimization of a small business website and works in areas like looking for broken links and server errors. These are the basic problems that harm the link authority of a website ultimately impacting the search rankings. Redirects is another thing this tool does in the free version that points your visitors to relevant content.

Additionally, the crawler also identifies duplicate content, pages that contain low content and points out issues with metadata and content titles. It also creates an XML sitemap that helps search engines see what your website has to offer. It is powerful for small businesses and the only tool needed for SEO optimization.

Google analytics

Google is the master at providing free SEO tools for small businesses and Google Analytics is the best free tool on offer. This metric provides everything you need to analyse the data and monitor the SEO as well as improve it. The best part of Google Analytics is that it allows small businesses to get goals and track progress.

It shows organic traffic received through effective SEO strategies and just how much of that traffic is converting into leads. This can be linked with Google Search Console, which is explained next.

Google Search Console:

Linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console shows you how people are reaching your content. This free tool shows you which keywords people are using to find your website and reaching relevant web pages. You can use this tool to make adjustments as needed as it also shows you your organic traffic vs targeted keywords.

Google My Business:

This is ideal for local businesses that concern with local geo-locations. Simply filling in your information on Google My Business helps you identify how your business shows up on Google maps. It also tells you what people are looking for relevant to your information.

Google Page speed Insights:

This free tool by Google again is a great way to find out the load speed of your website and pages on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Page speed Insights is an important SEO tool ever since Google announced that the loading speed of a website has become a ranking factor on search engines.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a great way of finding out what is trending and use it to your advantage. Once you set a parameter according to your business, Google trends will tell you what people are searching for during a certain time. Using keywords that are trending is a great way to create content and increase traffic to your website. Additionally, it also tells you about keywords that are decreasing so you make changes quickly.

SEO Quake:

SEO quake is a browser extension rather than a stand-alone SEO tool. This SEO tool for small businesses allows you to receive real-time SEO information while you navigate through sites. It allows you to compare different websites quickly and make adjustments accurately.

There is other small business SEO services that you have to pay for but are worth the investment. If you have doubts about any SEO tools and require professional help, it is a good idea to go for SEO marketing services. The following paid SEO tools are ideal for small businesses that are looking to expand quickly and surely.


SEMrush is a complete package that comes with everything a small business need. Packed with every possible feature for SEO optimization, it provides a comprehensive platform. SEMrush offers features like analytics, advertising, market research and keyword research, backlink analysis, and much more. It also utilizes data and helps you figure out relevant keywords that do not have much competition.

The analysed data is presented in the form of reports and charts that helps you understand it better. Additionally, SEMrush optimizes all your SEO writing while the content is being created in real-time. While this is ideal for small businesses, it is also great for managing one-time projects.


Although AHrefs is also an all-rounder when it comes to small business SEO tools, it excels in linking and backlinking. This is known as the best web crawler after Google which makes this the best backlink database in the industry. It has over 19 trillion known links on the World Wide Web.

AHrefs allows you to monitor domains, backlink profiles, and get page-level metrics. This is all given to you in the form of a complete breakdown of all outbound links. Looking for broken links using this tool gives you accuracy. What’s more? You can also fix these broken links and schedule web crawlers for web pages with dead links.

Keyword Tool:

Long-tail keywords are better as compared to stand-alone keywords. Keyword Tool is the best option that uses Google Autocomplete to determine what searchers are typing. A free version suggests a limited number of keywords while the paid version offers a lot more keywords. Additionally, you can also get parameters like search volume, cost per click data, and competition level.

Mangools Suite:

This easy-to-use SEO tool is a favourite among users. Mangools Suite is perfect for examining a certain keyword. The user interface is simple that allows you to input the competitor’s website and allow Mangools to evaluate everything in it. The search results can be performed with over 52,000 locations allowing local accuracy.

Moreover, you can also dig up the competitor’s backlinks and check all SEO authority. This robust tool also lets you check the SEO authority of any website and highlight content that offers high value. Mangools suite comes in three different pricing options starting with the free version for small businesses to a full-fledge version ideal for agencies.


Backlink and management are another science of its own and SEOJet is ideal for this purpose. This SEO tool for small businesses creates XML sitemaps and creates a backlink plan for all web pages. In addition to this, it also guides you on where to build the new backlinks.

SEOJet can be set up according to other websites of your selection that fall in the top 10 selected key phrases. On the other hand, you can also mimic all the first-ranked pages across every category. In both cases, you will not have to guess which anchor text to use or what link to build. Ultimately, it helps you create a top-ranked page on your own.

Answer the Public:

This is probably the secret recipe of all marketing success, be it digital or traditional. Although SEO professionals have reliable insights, they can still not guess what the public needs. Some questions are always left unanswered. Questions that people may never say out loud but want to be answered. Imagine the kind of traffic you can get if you can answer questions no one can even imagine.

Answer the Public is designed to bridge the gap between your website and the customer’s thoughts. The algorithm is designed to figure out the autocomplete data picked from search engines. All the listings of questions and phrases surrounded a specific keyword. Anyone who has access to such delicate information can design successful advertising and web campaign around it.

Uber Suggest

This all-in-one SEO tool comes in three different pricing versions. Each version is targeted at small businesses, large enterprises, and agencies. Ubersuggest is great for generating keywords and looking up long-tail search terms. These terms come with competition levels and search volumes. Usually, every term suggested by Uber suggest has a low search volume but high levels of competition.

Additionally, you will also be given options on how to transform a keyword into a search question – exactly how users do it. This helpful marketing tactic allows business owners to provide solutions. The best feature of this SEO tool for small businesses is that you can reverse engineer competitor’s SEO. By typing in the domain of the competitor, you can get insight into the strategies used including page rankings, popular keywords, and top-performing content.

To Summarize…

SEO tools for small businesses are highly beneficial as it helps in optimizing all kinds of content. Whether the business has a tight budget or a specific goal to achieve, SEO tools are a great way to move forward. Increase your website traffic that generates genuine leads and improves conversion rates by using a tool that is the best fit for your business.

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What are the Best SEO Tools for Small Business?

There are best SEO tools for small businesses that are great for optimization and better search engine rankings. Depending on the budget of every business.

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