How to Find the Best SEO Service for Attorneys

How to Find the Best SEO Service for Attorneys

2022 is halfway through, and you will find no shortage of the proverbial Jacks of all trades. But you cannot cheat your way through SEO. There are hacks, and most are often encouraged, but to truly master SEO, you must make use of every resource at your disposal. A basic understanding of what SEO entails is not enough. It is limited to not just search engine optimization but also includes content distribution, community building, brand promotion, social media and much more. This blog addresses several aspects of boosting business with SEO.

And if you are a lawyer, SEO for attorneys can get you the desired traction online and help you build your clientele in no time.

The Mechanics of a Search Engine

Contrary to popular opinion, search engines are not complicated. When you are browsing a product — perhaps a service — that has been pre-indexed by your chosen search engine, you will start with a search query. Your search engine will use any keywords you provide and through millions of web pages in the blink of an eye and present you with your search engine results pages.

Sometimes, you will come across ad listings on the first page; you will not be able to see these, however, if you have installed ad blockers on your search engine. The rest of the content of the first page, and the others for that matter, will all be comprised of organic listings. There is a near-infinite number of pages. People looking for an extensive solution to their query may browse through multiple pages if they wish. The first page, however, is guaranteed to deliver the results you seek.

SEO’s Importance in Digital Marketing Today

Let’s flip through the pages of history for a bit and try to understand SEO from the ground up. Picture a warm summer day in 2001, and you are looking up some crucial information online. Let it also be known that there is no concept of search engine optimization. While you will be awarded a number of search results, they will not necessarily be what you are looking for. Some of them might even go so far as to be irrelevant.

But now that technological advancements have made everything better and easier, never will you come across irrelevant pages. In fact, in some cases, a popularly looked-up search term or question has a dedicated answer right on the search engine results section, eliminating the need for you to browse through an entire webpage.

Google and some other important search engines played an important role in modernizing online searches. Being connected to the internet and getting meaningful answers to questions are basic needs that we no longer need to worry about.

As an attorney, you need all the help you can get in acquiring new businesses and leads. SEO is one essential tool that can help pave the way for you. This post will address how to acquire the best SEO service for attorneys.

What to Look for in an SEO Company?

The thing with promises is that not every company delivers. The industry is saturated with fakes, and you will need to be wary of them. Hiring someone to look after your ranks and traffic is a big deal, and in no way must you rush this decision. It is technical work, after all, and the experts claiming they know SEO from top to bottom, more often than not, lack experience.

In your search for a firm that does SEO for attorneys, be mindful of the following:

Experience Level and Professionalism

Whatever SEO company you pick, you must ensure they have a standard set of clients and are popular among many users. Positive reputations go a long way in helping pick SEO companies. What is the use in hiring inexperienced people when they are bound to worsen your situation? Get your due diligence done and conduct proper research. Go through the company’s page, and you will be able to gauge how much water they are in.

Most businesses display a count of the companies they have served. This tally should be a good indicator of how much experience there is. You can use this to compare one company with others. SEO for lawyers is as unique as it gets, and you need a company that knows not just SEO but how to get you the clients you seek online. In your initial discussions with SEO companies, make sure you put forth all of your demands and attorney-specific needs on the table.

Friendliness to Customers

As a customer, it is your right to demand information from whomever you are getting into business with. It becomes even more important when you are a lawyer looking to upscale your business through SEO — an already uncharted marketing avenue within the circle of attorneys. Some companies try to talk down to their customers in order to control how much work they do, haggle prices, etc. It is the mark of a professional marketing company to always be ready to listen to a customer’s questions, suggestions, and complaints. No matter how many you may have, the company you are looking for should never get tired of catering to your questions. If you come across an SEO company that is reluctant to discuss with you how they work, take this as a red flag. This also means they are novices not really aware of how SEO is done trying to lock their first client.

From the myriad of options, you may come across, go for companies always willing to listen to you and talk about any aspect of digital marketing.

Methodologies Used

We live in an always-evolving world where nothing remains the same for long. Digital marketing itself is always changing for the better, and professionals associated with the domain need to be on the lookout for these changes. It is the survival of the fittest, and people failing to adapt and change more often than not are left behind. Consider this when going on an SEO company hunt. Ask prospective companies about their how. Ask them to list their methodologies and if they are abreast with the latest marketing trends.

Another important question to ask them would be this: how can an SEO company help a lawyer improve their business?

Digital marketing is complicated only for those not willing to explore the various tenets that make it whole. A professional company, one that you should seek, must have an all-encompassing approach to SEO for attorneys. We emphasize again – there is no point in hiring a firm not even closely familiar with how SEO works for various businesses and not a niche they are familiar with.

Be Mindful of References and Reviews

Scrolling down a company’s page, you will come across a testimonial section where previous customers have left reviews. These are mostly unbiased and honest representations of what a customer went through with the company. While these are definitely something you should look up, we also recommend searching for company reviews online – those can always be trusted.

That’s the difference between references and reviews. With reviews, people have an unapologetic approach where they genuinely express their experiences. They comment on the company and their work ethic and provide others seeking to work with the same company a reason to either go for them or stay away. Skim through your SEO company’s reviews before you go on deciding whether to entrust your rankings and brand growth to them.

However, you cannot trust everything you read online. Some reviews might be intended to harm a brand’s reputation, while others might be used to unjustly boost brand image. You should be able to decide on a company that does SEO service for attorneys when your goals align.

Proven Record of Data-Driven Results

Lastly, choose a company that has a portfolio of data-driven results and achieved benchmarks. You can request a company to provide you with their portfolio and any case studies they have. In SEO, in particular, companies can promise a great deal but deliver very little. Actions speak louder than words takes a whole new meaning with search engine optimization. Want to choose the best SEO service for attorneys? Pick a company that has a trail of established results.


No matter what law practice you are running, it is essential that you find an SEO company that suits your needs. A search engine-optimized approach to finding new leads will help you create a successful online presence that will prove to be detrimental to your business. Taking matters into your own hands may not be the right approach. Choosing a firm will eradicate the need for trial and error and surmounting learning curves. SEO companies have ample research experience; if you find a company well-versed with SEO for attorneys, all the better.

Rank Top SEO offers industry-competitive SEO services that help drive businesses — no matter what kind — towards stable ascension. Hit us up for free SEO consultation or use our free SEO checker and learn where you currently stand.

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How to Find the Best SEO Service for Attorneys

Everybody needs SEO. Are you an attorney looking for the best SEO service out there? Give this blog a read and find the best SEO service for attorneys.

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