The Best Link Building Tools in 2023

The Best Link Building Tools in 2023

Having a high ranking on Google search pages is a challenge business wish to win as soon as possible. Rankings improve simultaneously as traffic to the website gets higher and better. This is the first step towards an increase in customer base and steady growth in readership. Businesses can achieve this by ensuring that their SEO is up to the mark.

While search engine optimization can be done using several methods, it must be done perfectly to achieve great results. An important factor that ensures search engine results pages are built with authenticity; a commonly used SEO method is link building. Link building starts with earning relevant links from other websites.

SEO link building is an art that takes time and expertise to master. While some businesses opt for link building services by hiring a link building agency, others go for tools. Using the best link building tools can be cost-effective and it also results in an in-house talent that guarantees link building in the long run. Luckily, innovative technology has produced great link building tools that make the job faster and easier for businesses.

How are Link Building Tools Helpful?

While link building improves SERPs, it also increases website traffic. Additionally, using available tools, some of which are free of cost allows businesses to see which websites are linking to theirs. These tools also allow businesses to take a peek into which websites are linking to the competitor. Moreover, you can also compile several contact information from different webmasters. This helps businesses to accumulate a list of potential website link partners.

So, What Exactly is Link Building?

It is one of the many SEO strategies that help to improve a website ranking on search engines. Link building is, as the name suggests, acquiring hyperlinks from other authentic websites. This strategy is a two-way street as you will also be including hyperlinks of other websites in your content. The hyperlinks prompt readers to jump from one webpage to another on some other website.

The objective of link building is to improve search visibility and bring websites on top of search engines. Google’s search engine algorithm has another condition that improves ranking and that is the authenticity of links. The more links a website has, the more authentic it becomes in the eyes of Google.

Some useful link building strategies include:

● Content Marketing,

● Email Outreach,

● Public Relations and,

● Broken Link Building.

Link building results in backlinks. Let us take a look at what is backlinking.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is simply an additional link to your content that is created when another website links to a webpage on your website. This prompts search engine crawlers to authenticate your website and webpage content. Giving signals to search engines that your website has high-quality content ultimately boosting your SEO. Other advantages of backlinks include referral traffic, faster indexing and organic search ranking improvements.

Tips for Building the Finest Backlinks

Building the best backlinks is another art to be mastered. The following practices are great for building the finest backlinks for your business website.

Convert Mentions into Backlinks

When a website writes about your product or service, send them an email asking them to turn the mention into a link. This is called backlink so when a reader reads about your product on a trusted website, they will be redirected to your website.

This is the easiest way to gain backlinks through different channels like social media handles and websites. Mentioning your product or website should be done with authority and this is called link equity or link juice. Although this is understood without saying anything, if links are missing and your website has been mentioned, as the webmaster to make the conversion.

You can also look for your website mentions using easy tools like Link Research Tools.

Use the Broken Link Building Method

Applying the broken link building methods is looking for the top websites in your industry. This will need extensive research but once done, you can look at the dead pages on those websites. The next step is to create new content and contact the webmaster to replace the broken link with a new link to your updated content.

Although this is a time-consuming method it works well if you use the right tools. Effective tools like Ahref’s Site Explorer helps you find those broken backlinks easily. It also provides you with a backlink report that can help you make a selection from a list of choices.

Jump into Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great method of increasing your audience size and getting new readers. This simple method is highly effective in gaining backlinks with new exposure in the digital world. Guest blogging is finding new websites where you can publish your articles or blogs.

This allows you to increase your online reputation and gain new backlinks. Create an interesting guest blogging proposal and offer something to the hosting website. once published, you will have access to new readers.

Writing Testimonials

The digital world operates on trust and authenticity from the online community. Offer to write testimonials and reviews for brands and businesses that you have worked with to get authentic backlinks.

Lookup a few top brands and see if they would be willing to publish your review on their website. If yes, write authentic, true and realistic testimonials that are believable by the audience. Brands are hungry for positive feedback so when you give them one, you get a backlink in return.

Check for Authority of the Linking Website

Consider a link from another website as a vote of authority for your website. A backlink tells you that the website has shown confidence in your content. Earning a link to your website also sends a signal to search engine crawlers that the information on your website is authentic. The content being link is of high quality.

The question now falls on the authority of the referring domain that is linking its content to your website. It is simple, a trusted, aged and high-quality website that acts as authenticity to your backlink. The better the domain, the more value you will receive from that backlink.

While using tools like Ahrefs, two metrics helps figure the authority of a website.

  1. The URL Rating: the authority and strength of a webpage. This is measured on a scale of 0 to 100.
  2. The Rating of the Domain: the authority of the entire website is also measured on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is the lowest and 100 being the highest.

Analysing Competing Websites

Keeping an eye on the competition is a sound strategy to follow. By analysing the backlinks of competing websites, you can gain insight into how they build their links. This will give you fresh ideas on how to replicate their links and use them to your advantage.

The trick here is to find out how your competitor’s website received a certain link and see if you can do something similar. Easy links that can be replicated are guest post links, links from resource pages and user-generated links.

Effective Conduct of Outreach

Outreach is an effective link building strategy that helps you gain access to some of the best linking opportunities. Reaching out to brands, bloggers, influencers, and press websites is a great way to start. This can be done through emails or social media handles. Give them enticing opportunities to link to your content.

The trick in outreach is to contact them at the right time. Timing is of the essence in this link building strategy as brands and bloggers are always active during a certain trend. If your product or service belongs to a niche that could be trending in some way or another, that is the right time to reach them.

Keywords play the most important role in this method. Stay active when keywords relevant to your website are trending. This benefits both you and the linking party. Using available outreach tools on the internet can help you ace the outreach conduct successfully.

Take a look at the best link building tools of 2023 to help you achieve higher rankings on search engines.

15 best Link Building Tools of 2023

The following link building tools are the best ones in 2023. These not only help in boosting link building strategies but also gets your web pages to climb SERPs. The tools mentioned below include ratings and pricing options so you can make an informed decision.

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1. Linkody

This comprehensive SEO tool not only helps in tracking links but also gathers essential data from various sources. Apart from link building, which is its essential purpose, Linkody helps you see the link profile for your domains. Additionally, you can also see the domains of your competitors and even your clients.

Using this tool has helped businesses is identifying link building opportunities and spot broken links. This gives an in-depth look into visual search and identifies your links simultaneously. This also allows you to enable notifications whenever a new backlink appears and when an old one is lost.

The pricing plan starts at $14.90 per month and the rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

2. Majestic SEO

This tool works as a browser extension that notifies you while you work. Majestic SEO is ideal for you to see which websites are linking to the content of your competitor. This is turn, also gives you potential backlink websites that you can use for your content. The best part of this tool is the API feature that gives users an accurate connection to other software and script.

The starter pack of this link building tool offers a free report for any website. This helps you ensure that your links are all current and active. The pricing plan starts with a free version, which is a great way to enter this tool into your website. If you wish to access all the features of this tool, you will have to get the paid version.

The basic paid plan starts at $49.99 per month and the ratings are 4.2 stars.

3. Moz Link Explorer

This link building tool is similar to Majestic SEO. However, this tool is free and so does not have as many features as Majestic SEO. Moz Link Explorer allows users to insert the URL of any website or web page and produces accurate and detailed link data. Such comprehensive analysis of link data makes this tool truly special and effective.

Additionally, Moz Link Explorer gives users a spam check score of backlinks. Moreover, it also gives you complete research on competitor backlinks while giving you opportunities to discover link building opportunities. Broken links can also be identified with this tool – and all this for free! The rating of this link building tool is 4.4 stars.

4. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a very easy to use link building tool that offers enough data for the mentioned price. This tool comes with a Link Manager program allowing the user to do extensive research for getting potential link partners. Additionally, you also get the contact information of the webmasters and automatically send link requests with a click of a button.

The pricing plan starts at $99 per month and Raven Tools is ranked at 4.3 out of 5 stars.

5. Moz Pro

Apart from being a wholesome link building tool, Moz Pro is a complete toolset for SEO optimization. The complete knowledge of Moz includes digital marketing, optimization, and several link building techniques. This has helped several well-known businesses to take their SEO to the top levels of optimization.

The pricing starts at $99 per month and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

6. Link Research Tools

Go for this link building tool if you are looking for a more sophisticated setup. Used by advanced webmasters who have a website running in a highly competitive niche, Link Research Tools is ideal. Apart from identifying link building opportunities, the programming allows you to determine where your focus should be.

For example, if you are working in a competitive niche, this tool will help you focus on branding links. Additionally, this will also serve as a guide to show you how your website is performing against competitors in terms of link building. Link Research Tools will also tell you if you lose a rank within SERPs. The sophistication offered by this tool will also help you develop both an SEO strategy and a digital marketing strategy.

The monthly pricing plan starts at $249 and is ranked a high 4.7 stars out of 5.

7. Ahrefs

This link building tool is also famous for SEO optimization and in-depth website audit. Ahrefs is a strong tool that gives users comprehensive reports on inbound links. This report includes an estimated number of visitors to a link per month. This great feature allows you to prioritize your focus and efforts on link partners you have been in contact with. Eventually, this will result in bigger website traffic for relevant web pages.

The pricing plan starts at only $99 per month and the rating is 4.6 stars.

8. BuzzStream

This SEO link building tool will quicken the process of research. BuzzStream will allow you to find contact information automatically, browse potential lists, and add relevant contacts. Additionally, this tool also molds metrics that build a better profile.

BuzzStream is more like a link building management tool that allows users to send relationship-based outreach emails easily. This results in better response rates while managing link building projects at the same time. Each project comes with follow-ups and tracking of campaign progress.

The basic pricing package starts at $24 per month and the rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

9. Link Prospector

This link building tool is designed specifically for link builders and content marketers. Link Prospector is ideal for creating new outreach opportunities. The tool makes all the work required for the organization of every outreach opportunity easier and content enhancements required to gain shares and links. Link Prospector comes with a free version that allows you to find links and the paid version gives access to advanced tools that helps you speed up your workflow.

The pricing package per month is $47.

10. Respona

Respona is the best tool for finding the best outreach link building opportunities. Partnered with some of the best data providers in the world, Respona truly is great for new opportunities from influencers, news posts and even blog articles. However, the offers do not end here, there is much more to Respona’s engine like automating pitch emails. In addition to all that, you can check backlinks, get access to direct email addresses and personalize every email through this platform.

The basic pricing plan starts at $95 per month.

11. Accessily

Several tools allow users to earn quality links by using Accessily. The backlink marketplace alone can give you access to thousands of high-quality websites that offer guests posts. You can apply filters and shorten your search list by looking at your target categories and audience.

Additionally, users of Accessily m have the opportunity to access their guest post library. Here, you can store and manage all your guest blogs in one place. An additional backlinks tracker tool allows insight into your backlinks ROI and information on website traffic. The best part of this tool is that users can schedule their guest posts in advance.

The basic package is free to start and eventually the prices increase that offer a lot more features.

12. SEMrush’s Link Building Tool

This link building gathers, compiles and manages several outreach campaigns so the users can acquire quality links. The link building tool by SEMrush allows you to analyse your gathered links as well as see what the competitors are doing. All these aids in SEO stacks and making necessary changes to stay ahead of the competition.

The pricing plans start with $99.95 per month and the rating is 4.5 stars.

13. Monitor Backlinks

Users can get insights into their backlinks with Monitor Backlinks that includes the additional feature of in-depth backlink reports. Additionally, you can manage backlinks and import links in bulk. Monitor Backlinks also allows you to see patterns and trends with your backlinks and point out those that hurt your rankings. This maximizes the advantages of the best link building opportunities.

The basic package starts at only $25 per month and the rating is 3.9 stars.

14. Ninja Outreach

This is an all-in-one link building tool that not only supports by also designs strategies for every step. Ninja Outreach has templates for users to design their strategies that include scheduling emails, tracking results, contacting brands for link building opportunities. Everything can be tracked through detailed results so users can reflect on each step of the strategy.

The basic pricing package starts at $119 per month and the rating is 3.9 stars.

15. PitchBox

This link building tool is designed to find and target bloggers, influencers and publishers of your niche quickly. Users can customize and personalize the pitch of link building emails using Pitchbox. You will also get a follow-up about those prospects who have not responded to your pitch.

The best feature of this tool is that it looks up accurate social media influencers and bloggers quickly along with their contact details. Every step of the outreach strategy allows users to track and make data-driven decisions.

The pricing options can only be found out by contacting Pitchbox. However, the rating is 4.2 stars out of 5, so there is no saying if it will be worth it for the price.

Our Verdict

Being competitive and getting organic traffic is always favourable when it comes to Google page rankings. Link building is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to climb higher on search engines. When compared to PPC advertising and other digital methods, link building surpasses it all.

To improve the overall SERP ranking of your website, use the aforementioned link building tools. The biggest flex of link building is probably getting access to data that you can use to your advantage. Staying ahead of the competition in your niche is what drives more traffic to your website.

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The Best Link Building Tools in 2023

Link building tools help websites gain authentic backlinks that help them in several ways. Link building tools in 2023 are a great way to do SEO optimization.

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